Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Life is like riding a bicycle - in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving." ~Albert Einstein

Because I'm so excited..I'm going to go a little out of order, chronologically speaking. Yesterday, after I got all of my pageant stuff done for the day, I finally bought my road bike!! I wanted to get it months ago, but then decided to wait until the weather got nicer. I got a Trek 2.1 and I LOVE it! ..the helmet is a pretty awesome accessory too (hah, yeah right!). George from All Wheels in Rehoboth put up with me for a while, helping me to pick the right one. Anyone like biking?..I need some riding partners!

Let's back up a couple weeks. I've been a little busy and haven't updated in a little while.

At the end of April, I joined many performers at the two-night annual Hocker Jamboree in Dagsboro. I played a couple pieces with the band and then performed my Miss America piece, "El Cumbanchero." While a part of the band, I played "Bless the Broken Road" and "Last Date" (an oldie). I had such a good time that weekend! While I was being introduced, the emcee told the crowd that I wanted to be a dentist, and proceeded to suggest that if I come to practice in Sussex County, I better specialize in false teeth! haha! I also got to meet Beth Cayhall, a fantastic country vocalist. I even got one of her cd's that she signed for me! I highly recommend checking out her music. Word on the street is that she even competed at Miss Delaware once!

The Saturday of the second night of the Hocker Jamboree, I was all over the state! My day began in Milford for the Bug and Bud festival. I met this kid who said he had met me the night before, but I was positive that I didn't see him at the Jamboree. He said he met me at Wawa..which is where the story gets a little funny (haha!). I stopped at Wawa the night before to get a Red Bull and on my way out the door and to my car, these young guys (in H.S.) were whistling and yelling "work it," blah blah blah..trying to impress the young girls they were with. I thought it was really funny so I got into my car, quickly signed a Miss Delaware photo, drove by their group, and rolled down my window. They didn't expect me to actually come over to them, so I asked, "Did you have something to say to me?" jokingly, of course. I handed them the photo and didn't say anything else and heard their surprised reactions when they looked at the photo and saw that they had been yelling at Miss Delaware haha It was hysterical. I never thought I'd see them again coincidental..

That afternoon, I was back in Dover for the "Power of One" event at the Art League. I was one of the speakers, but had to slip out after I spoke to get to the Jamboree on time!

The next week was kicked off with an interview with the Pre-Dental Society for the board position of "Community Service Chair." I guess it went well because I got the position on the board!! excited!!

I had to set my alarm waaaay earlier than I wanted to the next morning...try 4:30am! ahhh..some how I actually woke up. I had an interview with WMDT very early in Rehoboth. I enjoyed the rising of the sun from behind the wheel. I even had to dodge some far equipment on Rt. 113...not so unusual for a "below the canal" gal haha.

Right after I got off the air, I had to drive back up north to Milford Middle School to make Right Decisions Right Now presentations. The kids were great! I also took a picture with a poster that said "Stellan." It will eventually be posted on this website: The whole things started to support a baby that was not expected to even be born. Learn more about it at on the site! The rest of my afternoon was spent back in Rehoboth at Starbucks...just getting work done until my TV interview in Salisbury, MD. I did, however, get to grab some lunch with my new pal, Jason. Check him out on the Real World Cancun this summer!!! By the time I got home at about 9:00, I was wiped out!!

May began with an appearance in Wilmington at my Uncle Chris' work, Mobious. Once I found parking that was available past 6pm, the night went much smoother. It was nice getting to meet all of the employees and clients, and getting the grand tour of the new office.

Saturday was a whirlwind!!! I had coffee with the Governor and Mayor at 8:30 at Woodburn, then met with Donald (my driver) and squeezed into the Old Dover Days parade..possibly my last parade :( As soon as the parade ended, I drove up to Elsmere for the Veterans Hospital Fair to celebrate with the patients. The rain tried to hold off, but I ended up under a tent or umbrella for part of the time. We had fun though! Then I came back down to Dover for the Open House event at the Governor's Mansion. I even danced the old colonial dances haha..I was a natural. Carla, Delaware's First Lady, asked me how I got out of wearing colonial attire at Old Dover Days. I told her that I had other appearances that day and she jokingly said, "I'm definitely using that excuse next time!" haha She's a trip! That evening I went to the VPAG concert at Dover High. I performed, spoke, and handed out awards to the arts scholarship winners. The performers were great!!!

Sunday, I was back in Georgetown for the "God and Country" event. I was back on the stage with a band performing country music, but I threw in some classical as well. The whole event went very well! and I'm so appreciative of those that attended and of course, our performers: The Hocker Band, Chelsea Betts, and All4Him. The event was a fundraiser for scholarship money for the Miss Delaware organization. After the long event, my family grabbed a bite to eat together :)

Last week, I celebrated my birthday!!! I went up to Newark, and my friends at school took me out to dinner :) They are the besssst!!! That day, I also had an interview on Pageant Talk Radio (yes, it really exists!). Check it out at:

Two days later, I had the Governor's Prayer Breakfast. I was asked to perform, and sat at the table with Governor Markell, Governor Minner, and Mayor Carey. The entertainment was incredible!!! and it was nice to see so many familiar faces!
That afternoon, I did RDRN presentations at Banneker Elementary in Milford. I presented to Mrs. Soucek's class. I've known her since I became DJM a couple years ago and ever since, she has been SO helpful!! I also presented to my cousin Courtney's class. Each of her students made me a birthday card and they even gave me a Happy Birthday balloon! How cute!!

That night I had my first Pre-Dental Society meeting as the new Community Service Chair. We listened as Brian from Temple's Dental School spoke to us about admission information. Then the old board, new board, and Brian all went for a bite to eat at Grottos. It was great to get to meet everyone!! I'm sure we'll have a very successful year...and if there are more nights at Grottos..I could do that too :)

A last minute schedule change had me at Trap Pond in Sussex County the next morning, which was quite a hike from Newark! I joined the "Nutrition Magician" in teaching the kids about proper nutrition and exercise. It was a beautiful day out, the sun actually made an appearance ALL day!!! I even had the kids playing the exercise version of Simon Says...and if a kid got out..they would have to jog in place instead of sitting haha! They seemed to like it.
That evening, I went to the Relay For Life event at the American Legion in Sussex County. I was able to speak with many of the survivors and supporters, then I emceed the event. One person was a 50 YEAR SURVIVOR!! whew!! I did the first walk with Pat and then headed for home. Because I was really hungry, I swung by..dun dun dunnnn....McDonalds (yes, I know..) to grab some food for the road. Wouldn't you know, one of the guys from Relay was in there and told everyone, while I was in the bathroom, that I was Miss I came out of the bathroom with everyone asking me questions hah! It was funny! I even met two little kids, Olivia and Owen, snapped a couple pictures with them, and even showed them my crown. No, I didn't have my crown in McDonalds originally..I went out to my car to get it for them. Turns out..I ended up seeing them again the next weekend!

We had our second Miss Delaware Orientation on Saturday. I was on the panel for mock interviews which was so fun! It was nice to be on the other side of the interview for once! I didn't get to interview everyone though because I had to leave for an appearance in Georgetown. I was at a car show that was held to benefit the Alzheimer's Association. I even saw little Olivia and Owen again!! (come on..the kids I met in McDonalds the weekend before, remember??!) We had a great time!! and it was a gorgeous day!

On Monday, I was welcomed by a room full of people at the Parkview Nursing and Rehabilitation facility in Wilmington. I spoke to them, performed, and went out to meet each and every one of them..signing many photos along the way! They were so nice and had great questions about the whole experience!
That night, I went out to dinner with some friends from school for Nicole's birthday!! We had sushi, mmm...mmm...mmm!!!

As of Tuesday, all of my program book information is finished! I submitted all of my pictures, my farewell address, and my competition photos to the company. What a relief! Now, I just have my farewell video to worry about!

Don't forget!!!:

May 20
Jonathan's Landing, Magnolia, DE

May 22
The Outlook at the Duncan Center, Dover, DE

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