Saturday, June 11, 2011

Top Ten Finalists! Way to Go Girls!

Chelsea Lee Ray
Jessica Tilley
Erin Magnin
Marci Smith
Kristina Maynard
Stephanie Bailey
Maria Cahill
Steffi Homes
Alysaa Murray
Chelsa Betts

Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Night Preliminary

The energy in the room tonight is infectious! Each contestant brought it to the table this evening which is no surprise when they have all worked so hard. I would be amiss if I didn't mention How wonderful all of the entertainers did tonight...formers rock! Just wait till tomorrow when even more powerhouses join in the reunion! We have been truly blessed in this organization to have such an amazing sisterhood of former Miss Delaware's. Thanks for your continued support.

Let's cheer on Kayla as she continues to touch our lives with her grace and beauty inside and out. She did an amazing job tonight and we are very proud her!

So Any guesses yet on who will be the Miss Delaware 2011?

Friday Night Prelims....
Lifestyle and Fitness in Swimsuit - Maria Cahill
Talent - Steffi Holmes
Evening wear - Chelsea Lew Ray
Community Service Awards - Chelsea Lee Ray, 1st RU Kristina, 2nd RU Melissa
Congrats to Shaila and Maria too for receiving scholarships tonight as well!
Pictures to come tomorrow!

Preliminary Photos from Thursday

Thursday - Miss Delaware Prelims

What a great night for the Miss Delaware Scholarship Organization!
The competition was exciting and the 16 contestants looked amazing -
can't wait to see what Friday night prelims bring. As Aimee Voshell
String said in her blog, "Thursday night's competition was FIERCE!!!
Congrats to all of our contestants! The preliminary evening gown
award was a three way tie. Congratulations to Maria Cahill, Erin
Magnin, and Melissa Caltabiano. The Linda Kurtz preliminary swimsuit
award went to Chelsea-Lee Ray and the Preliminary Talent Award went to
Chelsea Betts. A huge congratulations to all of the preliminary
winners. You should be so proud!! I also don't want to forget to
congratulate Thursday's Miss Spirit, Marcie Smith!" Looking forward
to later tonight! Pictures and videos coming soon!

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