Monday, October 21, 2013

Miss Delaware and her RANDOM affairs.

While preparing for Miss Delaware, I had a large amount of mock interviews.  My interview skills were always very strong but I had one terrible habit.  I used the word random way too much.  I used it to describe my day, my hobbies, my schedule, my feelings, and anything I felt deserved my favorite word.   I can finally say that the only thing random in my entire life is my Miss Delaware schedule.  Every Sunday, I call in to get the following week's schedule.  On this Sunday night scheduling call, I can be sent anywhere from the fanciest of galas to the messiest of fairs.  It makes being Miss Delaware extremely exciting.  Each week is a new adventure and no day is ever the same. 

Since my last posting, I took part in the Townsend Parade and Fair which was a blast.  As a titleholder you experience many different types of parades and everyone has their personal favorites.  I love small town parades.  In little parades you get to connect with every person on the parade route and get to see when you make them smile.  I've met wonderful dancers, pocket bike riders, little princesses, and proud parents. I also am quite a talker during the parades and make sure to say hello to every little prince and princess I see upon the parade route.

Another parade I participated in was the Hollywood Fever  parade.  Apparently no Miss Delaware has ever dressed up in a costume for a Halloween parade so I decided that I could not continue this tradition.  I went in my Show Us Your Shoes Parade outfit, giving another chance to show off Sal Cutrona's fabulous shoes.  This parade had an enormous turnout and it just so happened that many of my friends were there watching the parade!  This parade was special because Milford is Donald's (Miss Delaware's official Driver) hometown and I was able to meet his lovely family.  His granddaughter Taylor even got to ride in the car with me. 
My Pop pop, Nana, little sister and I

I was invited to attend the American Cancer Society Crystal Ball.  The Crystal Ball is held every year to raise money for and increase awareness against cancer.  This has a special place in my heart because  my Nana passed away from breast cancer.  My grandmother and I were very much kindred spirits.  My grandmother marched to the beat of her own drum and never took the constraints of society, her family, or sexism seriously.  We are very similar in these matters.  My grandmother fought cancer for many years but passed away at 74 years of age.  I miss her so much but I know that she is proud of me and absolutely floored that I am Miss Delaware. 

Now that Miss America is over, I have much more time to focus my efforts on my platform.  I was able to attend the 50th Anniversary of Child Inc which is a non profit organization that focuses on "creative prevention and treatment programs that meet the changing needs of families (  At this event I made my first public speech.  It was very exhilarating and a moment I was very thankful for my Miss Delaware title.  I was able to talk about what I love in front the people with the same passion and who are changing the lives of children in the state of Delaware.  Such an humbling experience. 

I had two amazing celebrity experiences; at the Absalom Jones
Senior Center and the Caesar Rodney High School Rider Pride Day.  For the Absalom Jones community, I sang for them at their health fair.  The people were very receptive to my songs.  I even inspired one man so much he decided that we needed to ballroom dance together.  At Caesar Rodney High School it is safe to say that I was completely mobbed by Miss America fans, young princess lovers, and awestruck teenagers.  I was only supposed to stay for one hour but I was having so much fun that time flew by and I ended up spending an extra hour there.

Among the many events I have participated, I attended the opening Del-One Federal Credit Union.  There was a ribbon and a giant pair of scissors that I was able to hold.  The scissors were super heavy!!!  I also spent the day at the Delaware Auto Show signing autographs and having fun looking at the cars.  I even went to the Apple Scrapple Festival and judged my first child beauty pageant.  All of the girls were beautiful and I was so impressed by their confidence.

On the pageant front, I visited the New Castle County/Diamond State Pageant and was so honored to see Rebecca Lusk and Amanda Debus crowned.  I cannot wait to see you both compete at Miss Delaware.  A belated congratulations to Rosa Yancey for her Miss Middletown Title. 

Just this past weekend, I met up with my friend Nikki (aka Miss Iowa) for a New York City
adventure.  We were given a private tour of the Metropolitan Opera House.  I even got to sing on the Met Stage.  We went straight from there to the previews of Little Miss Sunshine.  After the show, we met with the little pageant girls and made their day when we crowned them and let them wear our sashes.  Needless to say, they were floored and were so cute when they asked us if we were offended by the silly pageant scenes.  It was a hilarious show and I recommend everyone go and check it out!

The life of Miss Delaware is sporadic but I am loving every moment of it.  Every "random" encounter can be a connection with a beautiful person, create music, share laughter, and inspire others.  When wearing a crown randomness is part of the deal but also part of the joy. 

Many more adventures to come!
Rebecca Jackson
Miss Delaware 2013

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