Friday, July 29, 2011


PLANKING:  (a new, quite ridiculous fad) to lay horizontally across any object or the ground with your arms by your sides, aiming to occur in daring situations or a brotherly display of core-strength.  Thank you

PLANKING (Miss Delaware's version...) : To lay flat on your stomach in front of over 100 of Delaware's finest politicians, legislators, senator, and the rest of the important people of my state....

Let me just start from the beginning.....

The Delaware State Fair.  A family tradition for so many years...except for me.  I have never been to the DSF before, but as is Miss Delaware tradition, you end up spending a couple days there. 
DAY 1: I went during Senior Day.  I arrived in the late afternoon and met up with one of my wonderful board members, Chuck, who had the ever-so-wonderful job of showing me EVERYTHING!  I don't know if it is all that fun of a job to show a newbie around the fair...but, hey, someone's got to do it.  I got to meet so many people!! SOOOOO many!  He showed me so many exhibits and barns filled with all different kinds of animals. 

-On a side note: When my family lived in Butler, Pennsylvania, we lived on a little farm.  No cows for us (bummer....check last post....) but we had many goats and....rabbits. Lots and lots of rabbits.

Being in this kind of environment reminded me of those good old days so I could tell that I was in for a great time.  Chuck and I watched the ice cream making contest and had the arduous task of taste testing them.  Gosh, life is so hard sometimes...NOT.  I had a television interview with WMDT channel 47 news and Chuck helped me pick out some absolutely beautiful jewelry.  After many, many pictures, we met up with Chuck's friends and their 5 year old son (who became my date for the night) to ride on the rides!!!  Considering I love rollercoasters and scary rides almost as much as I like breathing, I was very much into it.  Did we ride on the rides for over 2 hours?  Maybe.  Maybe not. 

The highlight of my night?  I was riding all the rides wearing my crown, my sash, or both.  The final ride of the night was the log flume.  Yes, the log flume.  Whoever decided that hollowing out LOGS, sticking children and Miss Delaware's in them and shooting them off a 50 foot drop into a pool of freezing water was BRILLIANT. I love my life.  No...this was not the best part....I took off my crown and my sash while walking up to this ride.  As I got in line with my wonderful little date, I saw a mom talking to her daughter in line saying that she wasn't going to go on it and that the daughter had to ride by herself.  Thinking nothing of it, I walked up to them and said that the good old log could seat three people so she could ride with us.  She was very grateful to me, and the girl, who was around 13, was obviously relieved she wouldn't be riding it alone.  As I exited the ride when it was over, Chuck came up to me with my crown and sash so I could put them on.  The BEST part of my day was the reaction from the family of the girl that I had just ridden with.  The mom came running up to me and gave me the biggest bear hug I think I have ever gotten.  She  couldn't believe that I was Miss Delaware and that I had asked to ride on the log flume with her daughter.  It was one of the most heartwarming experiences I have had as Miss Delaware to date.

Note to everyone - treat everyone nicely no matter who you are or what the situation.. Chances are you wouldn't want to ride the log flume alone either....

DAY 2:  Governor's Day.  The one day of the fair where the reigning Miss Delaware, the Governor, Jack Markell, and various other princesses, undercover cops, newspaper reporters and photographers, run wild all over the fair grounds taking pictures, talking and meeting everyone and watching demonstrations.  It was a BLAST!!!  I got to attend with my WONDERFUL business manager, Susan, who picked up souvenirs for me along to way and kept me taken care of.  It is tradition that every year, the Miss Delaware and the Governor enter the egg tossing contest.  Yes, people, I might have been the pitcher in softball during  high school, but I was not put in the outfield for a reason.  Catching things barreling at me from 3 miles away?  No, thanks.  Obviously, I thought I was going to be out first thing. WRONG!!!  Did we win?! YUP!!!  Should I be on an official egg-tossing team?! YUP!!!

Throwing the egg to Jack Markell for the win!!!
Photo (as are most on this blog) courtesy of Dave Chambers

We got to meet so many incredible adults and kids who are so passionate about farming and raising their animals.  I am telling you, if half the people in the world were as passionate about something as these people, the world be A LOT better off. 

SIDE NOTE: BUCKET LIST!!!!!!  You all know the drill about my bucket list and I am honestly just too lazy to explain it again so check my last couple posts.  Number 21 on my bucket list?  Riding a mechanical bull.  No big deal.  I made this happen.  I guess that when a person with a "Miss Delaware" sash rides a mechanical bull, it can become a huge spectacle ...which it did...nice.  Regardless, I feel that this should be my career path considering I kicked that bull's butt.

After riding rides (p.s. NEVER ride the Pitfall with your crown on...) and WINNING on the mechanical bull, it was off to change into a dress for the Governor's dinner!  At this dinner, I would be wining and dining (minus the wining part) with the Governor and every politician, senator, representative, and important person that Delaware has to offer.  Not only would I be rubbing elbows and eating with them, but I would also be performing for them......


As I introduced myself to the esteemed crowd as the new Miss Delaware, it was overwhelming to hear the applause from all of them.  SO COOL!  I told them a little about myself and that I would be performing two dances for them, one in soft shoes and one in hard shoes.  The first dance in soft shoes went well.  I could see people craning their necks to catch a glimpse of my dancing.  COOL.  After I was done, I quickly changed into my hard shoes.  Me, being the smart smart person that I am, totally forgot to check the floor to see how slippery my shoes would be on it.....bad thing.  Halfway through my dance I slipped.  Actually, it was past the point of slipping.  It was a catastrophe.  I fell. And by fell, I mean WIPED OUT.   It wasn't even on my back either.  It was flat on my face.  This is how it looked......

Pretend that this is a girl.  With dance shoes. And a dance costume.  This is EXACTLY how I (almost) fell.

Well....after that incident, I picked myself up and kept dancing.  After all, that is was the Ultimate Bro, Michael Flatley, would do.  Besides my major FAIL of the day, possibly the entire year, everyone loved it and that was the icebreaker I needed to meet almost everybody in the room and make some great contacts!!  The day ended with autograph signing, picture taking, and a concert by The Band Perry and Josh Turner.  I may just be a country music convert after that....Josh Turner is a pretty nice looking man...and I don't say that about many guys...

Other fun things of the day?
- Watched horse races!
- Interviewed with channel 16 which will be aired on Sunday :)
- got to hold chicks and baby bunnies!
- saw Babe, the pig, and his 1,000 other relatives...
- fed a giraffe named Twig

Pictures to come soon!!

Stay chill and don't embarrass yourself like I did,
                     MARIA CAHILL

"I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me."
Philippians 4:13 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Hi. My name is Maria Cahill.  I do not like long walks on the beach because romance does not require exercise.  Then that mixed with bare feet and walking for hours on sand means blisters and who needs that?!?!

Okay, people.  There is a reason for this particular blog.  There is something people need to know about me.  I need to get it all off my chest so I NEVER, EVER, EVER have to talk about it again or read myself being quoted about it.


I guarantee that everyone who reads that one does one of three things. 1. You rolled your eyes. 2.  You got hungry.  3. See number 2.

Here is the thing about McDonalds.  I do not like most of it.  I don't like anything breakfast related minus DunkinDonuts and bacon.......On the 8th day, I am pretty sure God created bacon, but that's a whole other story....I hate sausage, hash browns and I think that eggs taste like sand.  With that being said, you will NEVER find me at a McDonalds before lunch except for very rare, specific occasions....I can't even think of what that would be but I am sure it exists...
     I loved McDonalds growing up, but I thought that love passed after I ate a 20 piece chicken nugget.  GROSS. Never do that.  However, it wasn't until my freshman year of college that I discovered....THE BIG MAC.  I think after I had my first Number 1 Big Mac Meal, no pickle, of course, with a large fry and a large lemonade, I died and went to Heaven.  I am pretty sure Jesus Himself came to get me because He wanted to share it with me....I mean, who wouldn't want to?  Understandable, Jesus.  He has good taste, anyways.  I now eat Big Mac meals wherever I go.  Okay, okay....I might have cut back on my fast food intake a couple months before the pageant, I made up for it with 9 in seven days.  Weird? I think not.
     Now before everyone jumps on the "I Hate Miss Delaware For Eating Whatever She Wants" bandwagon, let me just say this.  I dance.  I work out (kind of...).  I am not sitting around stuffing my face and watching Say Yes To The Dress all day.  I just happen to like them and they fit in nicely with my other friend, High Metabolism.  I am merely trying to show that for you to be a "pageant girl," you do not have to starve yourself to death.  You can still eat Big Macs and win a pageant.  While I will be cutting back again and working out like I need to have a six pack in  a month when August starts, I am not sure how the lack of Big Mac's in my life will go over....hmmmm....let the mental game with myself commence.

Dinner with my executive director after the Maine Invitational! :) HEHE!!

Enjoying some Mickey D's after a LONG you can tell by how attractive I am....HA!

My director!! I knew we were meant to be after she downed this quarter pounder meal!!! :)

OKAY.  Now hopefully everyone gets it.  I love McDonalds.  The end.

PS. I will be co-hosting on 88.7 The Bridge for two days next week!!! AHHHHH!!!!! Yeah buddy!!!

Stay chill and EAT BIG MACS!
        Maria Cahill

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength."
Mark 12:30

SPOTLIGHT- Irish Dancing...because Irish people RULE.

Most people may or may not know about my talent for Miss America.  If you don't, then continue reading.  If you do, I don't care, continue reading anyways.  I Irish Dance. I have done it since I was 7 years old.  I would like to think it was because my parents saw a Riverdance show live and thought that Michael Flatley was such a bro that they just HAD to have me be a part of it. UHHHH....NO.  Instead, it was because my previous "jazz" dancing, or whatever crazy thing I was doing with other 6 year olds, had inappropriate costumes.  Fail.  The era of Irish Dancing at an after-school club during my homeschool days began soon after...
I picked it up so quick that the teacher helped me get into a real Irish Dance school in Pittsburgh (cough...City of Champions...cough), The Burke-Conroy School of Irish Dance.  A couple years after, I began competing at the  local and national level.  Not only was I getting better, but it seemed that after every year, another one of my brothers and sisters would join it.  So yes, folks, all seven of us danced at one point.  Case in point......................

Yes, I am the blonde in the blue. This was also 6 years ago so calm down....

After moving to Delaware 10 years ago, we joined to Ryan-Kilcoyne School of Irish Dance where I now teach at the Maryland branch.  I have qualified and competed in the World Irish Dance Championships (once in Ireland and once in Scotland) and placed 16th and 22nd.  Pretty sweet.

- so incredible.  I lived off chicken wings, donuts and blue powerade. Literally. 

While I thought my competitive dancing days were completely over when I went to college and my teaching days were all I had left, I have started dancing again....which is SO hard to start up...I could run for miles and miles and not get tired, but dance hard for 30 seconds and be completely wiped out...I still teach and LOVE all of my girls, but now I can do both!!


Do you wear wigs or does your hair naturally look like Orphan Annie?
While my hair is naturally curly, most everyone in the higher levels (while competing) wear wigs.

My sister, Christine, (on left) at the World Irish Dance Championships

Can boys dance? That is weird.

Why yes, all the haters of the world.  Boys can (and do) dance.  Both my brothers have danced.  My 16 year old brother, Joe, won the Regional Irish Dance Championships and placed 11th in the worlds.  And has anyone NOT heard of Michael Flatley?

Are all people that Irish Dance actually Irish?

Some, but not all.  There are dance schools from Japan to Australia and everywhere else you can think of.

In competition, why do you keep your arms down?

Rumor has it that the Irish started that tradition because they didn't want to spill their beer.  I am sticking with that story.  When I perform at bars, schools, or any other venue, I usually don't keep my arms down the whole time.

What is with the dresses?

New beginners start out in a little skirt.  Then they can get what is known as "school dresses," a dress which is the same for everyone.  After you get to the championship levels, you can get what is known as "solo dresses," which can be designed specifically in different colors, shapes and designs.  For Miss America, I will have a custom piece done which will not look like anything you will see at a competition.  We are thinking "outside the box."

Is it the same thing as tap-dancing?


If it's not tap dancing, then WHY IN THE WORLD would you wear tap shoes?

Well for one, they aren't tap shoes. People these days...gotta love them...We have two different types of shoes: hard shoe and soft shoes (aka: ghillies).   The hard shoes have fiberglass tips on them. 

hard shoes

soft shoes

Where do you practice?

I practice at the Philly branch of my dance school.  I teach at the Maryland branch.  I also have a stage room in my basement with wall to wall mirrors.

What ages do you teach?

I have taught from 3 years old up to adults.  The age group I am teaching now range from 3 to 15.

Are any of your brothers and sisters still dancing?

The only one left besides myself is my 15 year old sister, Christine.  She is incredible and has been to the World Championships 5 times.

Are Leprechauns real?

Yes. On Lucky Charms cereal boxes.

Do you have a six pack?***


***Not an actual real life question.

If anyone has a question that I can answer, write a comment or inbox me on facebook and I will post it!  Keep updated with all my super fun activities by following me on twitter @MissDelaware11!

-MISS AMERICA EXCLUSIVE- If anyone wants a hint about my talent music for Miss America....have at gets good around 2 minutes so skip to that if you are lazy and impatient like myself...for anyone that doesn't care about the music, you are able to see the two different kinds of shoes in this video.

For anyone that SUPER cares, this is the music and dance moves I used for Miss Rehoboth Beach.  One of my favorite dances ever!!!

Stay chill and dance at random places (like supermarkets),

"...A time to cry; A time to laugh; A time to grieve; A time to dance...."
Ecclesiastes 3:4

People call me Rocky...not really, but for this post, just pretend...

About a week ago, I was honored to be a part of the Miss Maine Invitational*!!! Does this mean that I was in Maine? No. I was in New Jersey.  Why?  Us pageant people like to be different.  That's why.

*Miss Maine Invitational - Event hosted by Maine to introduce some state winners to the history of the whole organization in Atlantic City

       I got to meet 8 other of my pageant sisters! (Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Missouri and District of Columbia)  While they were there for the weekend, my executive director, Debi, and I made it a day trip.  We met everyone at Schoppy's in New Jersey (the official supplier for the Miss America Organization).  We got to listen to the owner talk a little bit about the history of the store and how they have seen the Miss America pageant change during the years.  After SO many pictures (and witnessing a telephone pole fall over and almost demolish a car...typical....) it was off to the Miss America offices!!
There, we got a tour and got to meet everyone who is behind the scenes, the ones who make this whole pageant possible!! I got to learn so much about the history of the organization which is great for newbies like myself!  (and they fed us cake, so obviously I was going to like it regardless of what happened...)


The old Miss America's swimsuit !!!  I would rock it so it's whatever...

Susan Powell, former Miss America and Miss Delaware Emcee!

After the tour of the offices, it was on to Convention Hall to see the old site of the Miss America Pageant.  How incredible!! Walking into the HUGE arena, it gave me the chills to know that in just a few short months, I would be competing in a venue like that!! KJACLKLASDKJLKJL!!!!!!***

***Text vomit - stringing a bunch of various letters together to show an insane amount of excitement.  Uusally done over text message, but in cases where a Miss Delaware (ME) feels that it is neccessary in a blog to show enthusiasm over a pageant related activity, it is acceptable.

Backstage at Convention Hall

SIDENOTE - for anyone that has read my older blogs, I have a bucketlist....only it's a mental bucketlist out of sheer laziness to put pen to paper.  One of the things (no. 14) on my list was to "go in a boxing ring."  Just to go in it.  Maybe I would run around a little bit, occasionally jump up and down...I don't know.  The chance of me ever getting in a boxing ring in my life did not have very good odds so I just left it as "get in a boxing ring."  Well, ladies and gents, it happened.  I even got to run around, occasionally jump....actually, no.  Who am I kidding.  I was bodyslamming and flinging off the sides.  The usual Miss Delaware behavior.
The pictures that I have are blurry because of the insane amount of reckless activity, but if I find some decent ones, I will put them up later...

It was then off to the boardwalk!!  We got to sign so many autographs take massive amounts of pictures!!! ....great, minus the fact my hair was starting to go Albert Einstein on everyone....lovely.  Who wants an autograph of a girl with hair sticking straight up?! Has anyone every see The Chronicles of Narnia?!  Picture Aslan the lion and his mane of hair.  That's me....SIGH...moving on....

We got to meet soooooo many incredible people that day and it was an incredible experience!!! <3

***To Missouri (aka. Sydney Friar) - I can't wait for Orlando!!!  Everyone, check this girl out on her blog (  From the moment we introduced ourselves in weird, accented voices like we were straight out of Beetle Juice, I knew I found at least one girl that was just as crazy as me!!!! Not to mention her state initials are "MO" and mine are "DEL" (for the purpose of the statement coming up).  What does that make?  MODEL. Can you say, "WINNING!!!"


Re-enacting our "winning" faces

                                                  "Chill Brah" with my lifeguard BF

I would conclude by talking about how Debi and I finished the day at McDonalds, but I am going to save that for a whole different blog.  McDonald's should probably sponsor me...just saying.

Stay chill and don't get hit by a telephone pole,
             MARIA CAHILL

PS. People can SUBSCRIBE to blogs?!?!?! SNAP!! Everyone better get on that!!!

PPS. Follow me on twitter because I heard that's the cool thing to do!! @MissDelaware11 

"Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong."
1 Corinthians 16:13

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Maria Cahill - The Fast, the Furious....the Math Major?! NOT.

Hey everyone!! It has been a crazy couple of days! I have done so many appearances and have been booked for SO many more! 
      Today, I was able to attend to a SmartDrive appearance.  I was incredibly excited because it was the first time as Miss Delaware that I was able to do something related to my platform.  I got to meet a group of over 50 kids and talk about safe driving and tell them why it was so important to me.  The main activity for the day was to drive a golf cart (it was more like a golf cart on steroids...) through an obstacle course.  I was the first one to drive to start the day off.  No pressure.  I was timed driving normally the first time.  The second time through, I was supposed to talk on the phone and answer math questions while being timed.

****TIME OUT HERE, PEOPLE.  I do not like math.  I am not good at math.  The only numbers I look at and get happy about is when I am checking prices at a store and I see something is on sale.  The only "A" in math I ever got was in college and I called my mom and told her right away because it was the most exciting moment of my life...kind of...I mean I did get a 100% and tricked my friends into thinking I was naturally good at that phone call was deserved, in my professional opinion...**** I was driving with a cell phone, I was able to show (in a huge way...) that it was SO hard to drive while distracted!  Not only was my time to finish the course 15 seconds slower, I rediscovered my hatred for math as it took me at least 10 seconds to figure out what 7+5 was.....UGH.

The lady who contacted me to do this event also owns 12 radio stations throughout the state of Delaware so we are already in talks to have me record a PSA to play on all of them :) YAY!!
     - Is it possible to have "In the Arms of an Angel" play in the background?  That song always gets me when it plays in the SPCA psa...

Moral of the story - it takes looking at a cell phone for a second to cause an accident or take a life.  Also, never do math while driving...or avoid it all together if possible....

Check out SmartDrive at!! DO IT, DO IT, DO IT!

Today, I also picked up my photopads! (photos that I can sign and hand out to everybody...because I know everyone obviously wants one...).  So exciting!!!  I also got my official Miss Delaware 'Thank You' cards which I am sure I will be sending A LOT of! :)

Tomorrow I have my runway debut as Miss Delaware at the Best of Delaware party!  My fitting at Lady's Image yesterday went fabulously and I have some beautiful pieces to WERK! Can't wait to share pictures with you all!

I also did an interview with The Dialog! It is always exciting when newspaper people come to your house and whip out a camera with that fancy umbrella thing!....PHOTOSHOOT!!!

This year has just been incredible so far and every day, I just feel more and more blessed for what I have been given!

Stay chill (and away from math),

"Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins."
1 Peter 4:8

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Life's just a game, it's just one EPIC HOLIDAY!

Photoshoots. Love them. Obviously.  You will hear me talk about fashion, photos and shoots about 4,765 more times before my year is up.  Sorry I'm not sorry...
When the News Journal wanted to do a story about my win, it was apparent that I was stoked.  No one would expect anything less.  Not only did this mean I was going to be in the paper, but this meant...PHOTOSHOOT. yes. yes. yes.

The article came out great and my family was almost as excited to be a part of the pictures and story as I was! Check it out below :)

-I am stuffed on ramen noodles and a bagel.  I think I am about to roll away...ohhhh Planet Fitness!!!! Where are you!?

A couple more appearances that I have done so far?
-Spoke on 88.7 The Bridge radio station! Hope to be back soon!
-Judged the Mr. Delaware pageant!  Was an absolute blast and met so many incredible people and other titleholders :)
-Tim Qualls show

....and so many more!!

The appearances are racking up and I will be sure to update you guys soon!!! :)

On a side note: Happy birthday to one of my best friends in this whole wide world, Sam :) Love you!

Stay chill,

"'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'"
Jeremiah 29:11

Saturday, July 16, 2011

SPOTLIGHT - My "Little Sisters" :)

I recieved the most wonderful package in the mail the other day from my "Little Sisters" from Miss Delaware!!!  I have to put up pictures of the things they got me!  Since I know they read my blog, this is the perfect opportunity to say HELLO to them!!!!! I love you guys and you made my Miss Delaware win so much better!  They had written me a note a couple days before saying that they knew I was going to win and to always remember them!  Well, I ALWAYS will and you guys are the best!  I knew from the first moment we started talking about our love for food, especially pizza, and Call of Duty, that they would be a part of my life FOREVER!!!  Girls, keep an eye on the mail in the next week or two :))  To their mom, a former Miss Delaware, thank you for already looking out for me and I hope to see you soon!


"The greatest love a person can have for his friends is to give his life for them."

                                                                     - John 15:13

All "waves" were NOT created equal....

      Honestly, it is SO WEIRD being in a parade.  I always loved being the one that candy was thrown at...not the one doing the throwing...LAME.  However, after my 1st parade, I was hooked.

WARNING: I like to fist pump at parades....

My very first parade was on July 3rd.    Because I LOVE America so much, I was obviously pumped.  The Middletown parade was a smaller parade, but it was fabulous nonetherless.  It was my first time waving for an extended period of time........Okay.....on the subject of waving.......

Wave:  Something is the ocean.  To disturb the status quo.  What a tree does in the breeze.

After looking up the definition of a wave, nothing was said about pageant girls, parades, or people having to do it the same way.  On that note, I DO NOT and will never wave like a normal human being.  Not only is it BORING, but why wave from the wrist and up?  Why not put all your energy into it so your whole arm moves and not like you are trying to scoop up the air with just your doesnt hurt to fist pump and point?   ------->


July 4th - close to the BEST day ever.

Before I begin, I need to define one more word: Donald.

DONALD:  The best man ever.  The parade driver of the last 16 Miss Delaware's.  Someone who had better hair than Trump.

3 parades.  One day.  For most, that meant a lot of candy.  For us pageant folk, that just means a lot of waving (*see above).  My day started bright and early with the Symrna parade.  I got to be right in the front because it was off to another parade right after that!  The parade was fantastic.  I love that even though I am sitting on the back of a car (a STUNNING car at that), I still get to meet so many people!!  My favorite thing ever is when little girls point at you and scream, "It's Miss Delaware! It's a princess??"  Has anyone ever died of cuteness?  Well, at one point this year, I might!
        After this parade, I had a police escort to get me back to my car and on the road to the Bethany parade!  I have always been jealous of police because they can ride through red lights if their flashing lights are on....just picture this.....a police motorcycle with flashing lights followed by a beautiful '67 red convertible, top down, going 50 mph with a Miss Delaware holding on for dear life still sitting on the back.  Yes. This is real life.  It happened.  I arrived to the Bethany parade with moments to spare.  This parade was CRAZY!!!!! It is a real experience when you are placed in front of at least 2000 people as the new Miss Delaware.  Everyone is just screaming your name, waving at you, running up to the car to take pictures with you....UNREAL!!!  I definitely left that parade on a high!
           After a wonderful dinner with my favorite business manager, Susan, and her wonderful husband, Gene, it was off to Dover for yet another parade!! YAY!  Another wonderful parade with people screaming my name (will NEVER get used to that feeling) and even got to see my mom and two of my sisters who went to watch!!

When I got home that night, it was just another one of those moments that I realized how blessed I am.  A remarkable day :))

My car!


Police escort. The good life.

After the day of three parades!  With my little sister, Annie :)


"This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it."
                                                                                        Psalm 118:24

Walk, don't run, to the nearest ice cream booth!

4th order of business - Miles for Children Walk and PHOTOSHOOT!!!! holla!

After a couple days of catching up on some much needed sleep, it was off to the waterfront in Wilmington for the Miles for Children 5K!! On a side note, was I really a part of the actual 5K if the only walking I did was between the face painting booth and the ice cream booth?....hmmmm....
      This event was awesome on so many levels!  I got to talk to so many people, the most memorable being the woman I talked to about safe driving and why I was so passionate about it.  I could tell that my story really affected her and she said that she would no longer text while driving because of what happened to my friend.  Truly incredible.
     - why is it that at all of my appearances, I become best friends with everyone under the age of 10?  Whatever the reason, I LOVE IT!!

MOLLY!!!! the cutest thing I have ever seen! :)

Basically everyone knows that I love photoshoots.  Do I love them more than a number 1 meal at McDonalds (Big Mac with no pickle, large fry and large drink)?   .....That is seriously debatable....I love fashion magazines, fierce shoots and anything to do with Vogue magazine.  For anyone that has not seen some of the photoshoots I have done, here is a preview!..... can imagine my excited when I was set up with the amazing Paul Pruitt to take my headshots for Miss America!!  It went awesome and the photos turned out amazing!!  Needless to say, the shoot went from basic smiling headshots to full-blown fierce shots with wind in my face....just leave it to me.  The usual... Once I get the OKAY to put them up here, I will! 

Definitely check out Paul Pruitt's work at  His work is AMAZING and you will not be dissapointed!!!  Can't wait to share my pictures with you all!

Stay Chill,

(Psalms 138:3) 3 In the day that I called, you answered me. You encouraged me with strength in my soul.

Friday, July 15, 2011


3rd order of business - 2 checks off my bucket list

Yes, I have a bucket list.  Who doesn't?  Is a bucket list still technically a bucket list if you are too lazy to write it down and it is all just bottled up in your head?  Is there such things as a mental bucket list? Oh, life's unanswered questions...
       Two things that have been on my bucket list are 1. to be on the cover of a magazine that people need to pay to get (none of these "take me, I'm free" magazines) and 2. to drive nascars.  Has anyone ever seen Talledaga Nights?  Who WOULDN'T have 'driving a nascar' on their bucket list after seeing that!
1.         Back when I was Miss Rehoboth Beach, I was asked to appear on the September beach guide cover of Delaware Today!! HUZZAH!!!  I packed myself go to Rehoboth Beach for my early, in fact, that in my delirious state, I rubbed lotion (or what I thought was lotion) all over my face only discover it was acne medicine....true story.  Kill me now.  I met at Dolph's beach house with my fabulous hair stylist Sal from Michael Christophers!  After he dolled me all up, it was off to the boardwalk for me to pose my butt off!  I live for these kind of moment!  I could have photoshoots all day long and be perfectly happy about it.  After the cover shoot, which comes out next month, it was off the Robin Hood's for a bite to eat...not that I ate 6 waffles or anything...  It was there that I saw the Cape Gazette, the paper in which I saw the first article about myself as the new Miss Delaware!  So cool!!  Needless to say, I picked up as many papers as I could fit into my arms...SUCCESS!!  After the shoot, it was a quick change in the car (I am becoming a pro at this...) and off to Dover Downs for an Oakley's Sunglasses appearance!  This event was basically being a hostess to over 20 business men from all over the mid-west as well as "styling" these guys for their own pair of Oakleys.  Sweet.  This is when the "bucket list talk" began....

Cheezin' at the Oakley's event!! :)

2.  Dover Downs is home to what is called the "Monster Mile."  I was talking with the director of the business group from Monsanto about my bucket list.  I told him that I cried when Dale Earnhart died and it has always been on my bucket list to drive a nascar before I die.  "As a matter of fact, we are driving them tomorrow on the Monster Mile if you want to do it!"
        - You know that moment when someone offers you something really nice to you but you decline out of sheer politeness? Yeah, NO. That was not happening in this case.
I told him I would be there.  A quick couple phone calls to my directors later, I was in and my dad was my escort...lucky duck.The next morning, I was up very early.  I had to be on the track by 8.  My dad and I not only got to ride shotgun over 40 times around the track, but we got to drive 10 of our own laps!! I got up to the max speed of 120!!....what do you expect...I am just good like that...  It was an experience like NO OTHER!!!  I got to take so many pictures and meet all the guys who work behind the scenes to make it happen!  INCREDIBLE!!!

Stay chill,

Psalm 118:24 - "This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it."

The single MOST EMBARRASSING moment of my life...literally.

2nd order of business - a day with three different appearances! YES!

My day started out with a breast cancer walk for the DBCC (Delaware Breat Cancer Coalition).  Little did I know that this appearance would lead to one of the most humiliating moments of my life....
       This walk to increase awareness about breast cancer was truly incredible.  To see people so passionate about an issue such as this gives me goosebumps. I got to meet so many people, including survivors and their children!  To hear each and every one of them share their story with me was remarkable and heartwarming.  These women are so strong!!  This walk of about 100 was relatively smaller than other walks that I have been to, but the determination with which they talked about overcoming breast cancer was beautiful.
      Here comes the terrible part...I was approached right before the walk started and was asked if I could sing the National Anthem.  HOLD ON.  I can't even HUM, let alone sing two words in tune.  When my own mother tells me I can't sing a note, you just know that you have to let the Mariah Carey's of the world take over for all things National Anthem related.  I politely declined, saying that if you would not like the brand spanking new Miss Delaware to be booed right out of the venue, you would not put me up there.  Sure, I like to chant "USA! USA!" wherever I go and wear red, white and blue 5 days out of the week, but this was just not happening.  The lady who asked just laughed and told me it was no problem at all. PHEW!!! Dodged that bullet, right?......WRONG!  5 minutes later, I heard over the loudspeaker, "MARIA CAHILL, CAN YOU PLEASE COME UP TO THE STAGE TO SING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM!!!" Uhhh......what?!??!  Yes, folks, I did the unthinkable.  I had to sing (or attempt to, at least...) the National Anthem with another lady.  I apologized to everyone before starting, proceeded to turn 17 shades of red and "sang" the Anthem while lip-synching the high notes.  Welcome to the wonderful world of being a Miss least I remembered the words....

With a breast cancer survivor! :)

          After this lovely ordeal (NOT), I finished the mile walk and tried to get everyone to forget about the massacre I had done to their ear drums.  After this wonderful event with the DBCC, it was a quick change in my car then off to a car show!  I got to walk around for hours just shaking hands, taking pictures and meeting SO many different kinds of people!  You know you make an impression when an 8 year old has the courage to walk up to you and say, "I know I am much younger than you, but I was wondering if I could have your number."  Adorable!!  What an awesome event!

Just another day at a car show!

       My day was still not over yet! It was another quick change, then off to Newark to meet with my executive director, the LOVELY Debi, to go to the Miss New Jersey Pageant!!  The pageant was wonderful! I got to see my roommate from Miss Delaware, Chelsea Lee Ray which I was thrilled about!  After a good amount of "vouging" with her (aka. the Maria Cahill version of a photo shoot...check the photos below...), the pageant began! It is much more enjoyable and less stressful watching the pageant than actually being in it.  The stunning Katharyn won!  She did an absolutely fabulous job and I know that we will have a great time at Miss America in January.  The day was long, but it was so worth it!  I am SO BLESSED!!!

LOVE DEBI AND CHELS!! :) (probably the only serious picture of the night...)

Stay chill,

"For you make me glad by your deeds, O LORD; I sing for joy at the works of your hands."
                                                               Psalm 92:4

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