Friday, September 16, 2011

Just keep chillin...

Why, hi, hello!  Please ignore the fact that I haven't blogged in 45 days...give or take...

So many wonderful things have been happening lately!  First, I have FINALLY realized that I should probably stop referring to myself as "the new Miss Delaware..."  If I don't stop now, I can almost guarantee that I will be referring to myself as "new" all the way into next year...

Looking at my blog, the last thing I wrote about was my trip to Florida!  I have some serious catching up to do!

Delaware had a funny way of welcoming me back to my state after rubbing elbows with Disney characters for a week....all hail the powerful hurricane,  Irene.  Wonderful.  What does the Cahill family do when a hurricane hits?  Buy out half the grocery store, pull out the VHS player and watch home videos, then whip out our skateboards and umbrellas.  Skateboards and umbrellas you ask?  Why would we need these?  To Land Sail of course! (aka. stand/sit on the skateboard, open your umbrella, and let the heavy wind take you down the street!)  GREAT idea if you don't mind ruining 800 was worth it for me..... Besides some missing siding on my house, downed trees, and flooding, we were fine.  Some houses were hit by tornadoes, so we were extremely lucky!

After a couple of postponed appearances  (because of good old Irene), next on my agenda was a photo shoot and interview with Wilmington University!!  They asked me to be one of the faces for the "What's My Story" campaign so I will be featured in a lot of their marketing!  I still have a couple more photo shoots and interviews to do with them and I am sooooooo excited!!!

The next appearance I had was at "The Children's Beach House".  "Children's Beach House (CBH) is a Delaware-based 501(c)(3), non-profit organization that fulfills founder Lydia Chichester du Pont's vision to help children with special needs reach their highest potential as functioning members of their families and the communities."  I got to mingle with all the guests, help sell items at the live auction, sample all the food (perfect!) and take so many pictures!  The craziest thing about events like this are the people that you get to meet! I met modeling agents and magazine editors just to name a few!!  However, raising  money for wonderful charities such as this make it all worth while!  Check out to read more on the Children's Beach House!

The next week it was on to the Absolome Jones Senior Center!  While there, I was able to talk about the impact that the Miss Delaware and Miss America organization has had on my life in such a short period of time.  I  also got to dance for them!!  The residents of the senior center loved it. After I was done I got to meet every single one of them personally.  It was so wonderful to hear  their reactions and how they loved having someone so down-to-earth as their Miss Delaware.  Hearing that is one of the biggest compliments I can ever receive.  I met this one gentleman who was blind.  We had an instant connection after we found out that our birthdays were only days apart.  (He loved the fact that we were both Capricorns!)  After discussing our favorite music and the fact that one of my eyes is half brown, he told me that he knew that I was beautiful because I was so nice to him!  Wow!  I love meeting people who I would  never have had the opportunity to meet if I were not Miss Delaware.  Everything happens for a reason, people.

My FAVORITE appearances are those involving hospitals.  I had the extraordinary opportunity to visit the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) for the Radiothon for Children's Miracle Network.  Some of the little kids I met were absolutely incredible!!  It brings joy to my heart that the sight of a sparkly crown can make a child forget about their illness for a little while.

One of my favorite little girls was Christina, who couldn't wait to be a "hip hop cheerleader" one day!  Good for her....I could never do that.  I made her a crown so we could be matching! :)

At CHOP,  I also met three girls, Alli, Shelby, and Lexi!!  Hi, guys!!!   It was great meeting you three. Hopefully,  you learned a little about how cool we Miss America girls are! : )  Ps. I am still trying to decide  who had the better charactature....

BUCKET LIST SIDENOTE:  I am obsessed with caricatures.  I have never had one done, but have always wondered what I would look like as one...that's why it was on my bucket list!!!! Well, I got one done at the Children's Hospital! I will post a picture of it soon!  Boy, oh boy, being Miss Delaware is perfect if you have an everlasting bucket list!!

Right after my appearance at the Children's Hospital, I drove to Dover for Denim and Diamond, a fabulous event that benefits Meals on Wheels!  A HUGE shoutout to my wonderful executive director, Debi, who was one of the people that put the whole thing together and invited me!  It was fun to mingle, help sell the live auction items (which I have to admit I'm quite good at) and take pictures in the photo booth!  It was a great event to help out an even greater cause.  As I am writing this I am watching the Food Network. It makes me hungry.  Now, I am going to have a tiny bit of self control and not get food, but can you imagine not having the luxury to walk to the next room and make yourself a meal?!  Meals on Wheels provides hot meals to some of the 6 million seniors facing the threat of unanswered hunger!

On September 11th, I was able to attend a small event at Chelsea Tavern with Michelle Falla, my wonderful Artistry by Amway representative, her husband Brian, her cousin and his fiance!  15% of everyone's bill went to help support our troops!  I have never been more proud to buy a burger!!!  A HUGE thank you to our troops at home and overseas for protecting the greatest country in the world. I am forever grateful to you. God bless America!

Finally, one of my good friends, Stephanie, agreed to have a fun photo shoot with me!  Her one stipulation was that she had to first shoot me with my natural "fro" and NO makeup.  Yes, you heard me correct.  Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.  Big Fat Goose Egg.  (Eric Larson, shame on you for suggesting such a thing.)   Here are a couple of my favorite pictures.

If anyone ever cared to know how I look completely naked-faced with my natural lion hair, have a field day and knock yourself out....

CONGRATS, WORLD.  You just saw me in all my natural glory. MEOW.  Now to the other stuff...

 I have more blogs on the way!!  Do I need to start doing them more often? Why, yes...yes, I do!
Stay chill and support Children's Miracle Network Hospitals,
Maria Cahill

ps. feel free to start donating to my Children's Miracle Network account!  Please visit . Thanks! :)   

"Little children, let us love, neither in word nor with the tongue, but in deed and truth." 1 John 3:18

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