Thursday, December 29, 2011


Hey, everyone!  The days are quickly dwindling down for me to leave for Las Vegas (9 to be exact!) !  To say the last 6 months have flown by would be the understatement of the century.  I would like to think that after that time, I have not only matured in my role as Miss Delaware, but also as a friend, sister and a person.  My send-off party took place just about 2 weeks ago and the amount of support I recieved was completely overwhelming (in a great way!).  Before I leave for Miss America, I would LOVE to take the time to simply thank those that have been so kind and giving.  I have had the most wonderful support any girl could ask for.

To my family - Thank you for being there through everything.  No matter what happened, good or bad, you stood right beside me, encouraging me all the way...except in the bad....then you just smacked me around a little bit...kidding...kind of :)

To Debi - my WONDERFUL executive director...After our first meal out together (McDonald's, of course) and I ordered the number 1 Big Mac Meal, no pickle, large lemonade, large fry and you ordered the number 2 Quarter Pounder Meal, I knew we were in for a fabulous year :)  Thank you for treating me like I was your daughter and doing everything in your power to make sure I felt the best I could before leaving for Miss America.  I can credit you for bringing me from "blonde-ish and blah" to "brunette babe."  I can say that I am prepared for the job of Miss America because of your guidance.

To Susan - There are people that you meet in this world that make you want to be a better person.  You are one of them.  Thank you for booking me on appearances all around the state...even places that I have never been or even knew existed....which says a lot considering the size of Delaware :)  You are the person that I can call to brighten my day.  Thank you for all you have done to get me ready!

To George and Carol - interview.  Enough said.  I always felt extremely confident in my interview but I feel even better now.  Thank you for setting me up with some of the brightest and toughest interview panels over the last couple months.  I have grown, not only as a speaker, but as a women knowledgeable in all sorts of current events (...don't worry, Carol...I will get Occupy Wall Street down eventually...)   I hope I can keep it together when I meet Kris Jenner...probably not though...

To the rest of my Board of Directors - THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done.  From letting me camp out at your house (Sandy and Bliss :)...) to escorting me on various appearances, you never cease to amaze me with your kind hearts and generosity.  I hope to make you all so proud in Las Vegas!!

SIDENOTE : Always plan a speech ahead of time.  At my sendoff, I wrote a few names (in lipstick, 5 minutes before I was to speak...) on a piece of paper and forgot some important people.  Ahead of time...and in pen, everyone.

Paul Pruitt (my wonderful, official photographer!) - PAUL!!!  I have to thank this man a million times, especially since he was left off my scattered (to say the least ) list at my sendoff.  Thank you for shooting my headshots as well as every picture at my sendoff.  The pictures are absolutely STUNNING  and I cannot wait to share them with the rest of the world!  I am ready for some crazy, out-of-the-box shoots!  Everyone check this incredible photographer out at!!!!!   .....right now.....seriously.....leave this page and visit this site!

Marisa - my ONLY local director, and the person (along with my family) who told me from day one that I could be Miss Delaware.  It seems like only yesterday that I was watching Miss America with you last year and we were getting so excited that I might have a chance at being on that same stage next year!  I cannot believe it is coming true :)

To Ronnie, Debbie and The Bridal Suite of Johnstown - thank you for making me feel and look like a million bucks.  I am so thrilled to be representing you at Miss America!  My wardrobe is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous and it is all thanks to you and your staff.  I am so glad you will be able to watch me work it on the Miss America stage.  Your kindness and generosity is astounding to me and something that I greatly respect and appreciate.

Paul and Marisol Timmons from The Firm - my AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, WONDERFUL trainer and nutritionist.  Out of everything that I have done so far, one of the things I am most thankful for is having you both in my life now.  It is because of you that I am now able to proudly say that I can do man pushups (when I first walked in the door, I could do zero....impressive, I know...), deadlift 135 pounds and backsquat 115 (up from the 25 I started out with...and having an extremely hard time while in the process...).  Thank you for helping me break the McDonald's cycle and showing me the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.   No, I may still not like sweet potatoes, but I am a work in progress, I promise. Not many people (I can't think of any, actually...) can get me down to 16% body fat (down from 21%) in a matter of 4 weeks.  Just goes to show how hard work can pay off!  I cannot wait to continue working with you for the remainder of my year!

Oh, you want me to flip a 240 pound tire?  Sure thing :)  check below :)

Sal, Diana,  Gloria and the entire Michael Christopher team - Sal, in just 5 months, you brought me from a Miss Texas hairstyle to one of a Miss America. (Don;t get me wrong though...I will go back to that Texas hairstyle any day...)  Thank you all for completely transforming me in more ways than I thought possible.  I will never go to another salon again! 

All my friends - your texts, calls, email and words of support have meant the world to me.  Literally.  Thank you for loving and supporting me before this crazy adventure and after.  After this incredible journey is over, we will definitely be all hanging out ALL THE TIME again!!! I LOVE YOU!

Jennifer Sedler (Miss Arizona) - I love you, too. AHAHAHA!! I am glad someone stalks my blog.  Someone has got to do it :) See you soon!  <3
Delaware - no matter what the outcome may be on January 14th, I will do everything in my power to make you all proud!

Until Next time,

Maria Cahill
Miss Delaware 2011

"Anything is possible in Christ who strengthens me."

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hello everybody!  From this moment on, I am NEVER promising to have blogs up more often because that plan always fails...massively.  As a lot of you know, I have just been SO incredibly busy the last couple months!!

SIDENOTE: You know it is a problem (or is it...) when your body's internal clock starts waking you up a 8 o'clock instead of the usual 11am...

In the past couple months, I have been in SOOOO many parades, on radio, television and in newspapers.  To this ay, I can't believe this is all happening to me!  Now, I am educating people on the importance of safe driving, good character through Character Counts and visiting all ends of my state.  Things do truly happen for a reason!

Some of my most memorable appearances have happened over the past few months and I just have to share!

I got the opportunity to be in the ABC Thanksgiving Day Parade as well as film two hits for Good Morning America with other state titleholders!  It felt like the entire state of Delaware came to watch this parade because our float (which was a kittens float....??) could not go two feet without me hearing "DELAWAREEE!!!" being screamed.  That was awesome to be a part of! 

With Sam Champion of GMA!

One of the many incredible appearances I have had happened just this past week!  I got the opportunity to work with the Delaware State police (THANK YOU!!) to travel to numerous hospitals, special needs facilities and schools to visit kids.  Talk about one emotional and incredible experience!  Nothing gets to your heart quite like a young child telling you that he or she wants "to get better" for Christmas and nothing else.  It really puts into perspective those things in your life that you take for granted each and every day.  I got to meet young kids (who thought I was dressed up as a fairy...) as well as some teenage boys and girls who loved the fact that a "beauty queen" came to see them.  Putting a smile on everyone's face made that long week so worth it.  I would do it every single day of my year if I could.  It was moving like nothing else.

I will have another blog about my send-off and other preparations up soon (and by soon, I mean before I give up my Miss Delaware crown in June...)!!

Stay chill and remember that things happen for  reason,
Maria Cahill

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.
Romans 12:2

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