Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ready to Roll..

It has been quite some time since I updated you on just what exactly I have been doing! This will also be the last time I am able to update you until I return home from L.A. I have been keeping busy with my appearances, working out with Trainer Dan and Paul, running (a LOT), and planning fundraisers for the weeks between when I return home and when I leave for Las Vegas for Miss America!

I have been recovering from Strep Throat this week. Originally I thought that this would bump me back from the progress I would like to have made these past few days as I prepare for my trip to L.A., but being sick was surprisingly a good thing! It made me just rest and relax, although I could have done without the sore throat (hehe).

A couple of weeks ago, I volunteered in the Hope Dental Clinic all day with Dr. Mercer. I try to volunteer as an assistant or a "rover" every time they hold the clinic, which is a few times per month. Fortunately, the majority of our patients kept their appointments. On the flip side, it is not entirely uncommon for us to mark down "No Show" next to a patient's name, so I'm glad to know that this problem is hopefully improving.

The Milford Riverfest event was also on the books a few weeks back. I joined Sue, Mrs. Kemmerlin, and Linda at our recruiting table. Fortunately for all of us, Sue remembered to bring her pop-up tent, so the sun was not beating down on us all day. We were selling raffle tickets for a magnificient "movie basket" that we had on display, as well as fund-raising coupons to Boscovs. I don't recall how much money we made, but it was a great contribution to the organization. It was a good learning experience too; I will never forget to bring a money box! We were cramming all of our money into Sue's change purse because we all forgot to bring a money box! (haha)! Another thing I learned: don't go to Milford with Mrs. Kemmerlin if you want to get anything done in a timely fashion because she knows everbody!!! I kid you not, Mrs. Kemmerlin knows every Milford resident and their family members. It's actually quite funny to watch her try to remember their names ;).

The following Monday, I drove to Sue's house to meet her after work. It was the day of the Miss America Lottery!!! Many of you don't know what this is, but it is basically the way that the Miss America contestants choose their contestant group/number for the pageant. The groups are based on the order of competition. The contestant order for choosing was drawn randomly, and we didn't know what number we are until it popped up on the screen, but there were only three contestants on the computer screen at a time, so we stared at that screen for hours!! It was a good thing I didn't have another appearance that night, because I would surely have been late! Although it was lengthy, it was a fun experience, and it gave me a chance to practice my name/state memorization for the contestants!

I was invited to be a judge for the Miss Assisted Living pageant that was held at the Milford Senior Center! This was, by far, one of my most memorable appearance to date. These ladies were adorable and so excited to get out on that stage! I judged with Senator Gary Simpson. I run into him all the time, and he and my mom have known eachother since they were kids, so I always enjoy seeing him around the state! We had a blast judging all of these ladies and listening to their answers for the On-stage Question. Every contestant was in their 80s or 90s which made the whole show even more unbelievable! There were three crowns given; one for the winner, and one for each of the first and second runners-up. This was the first time the assisted living facilities had created a pageant like this, so I hope that they do it again next year!!

One week ago, I finally had the chance to attend my first local pageant for the 2009 Miss Delaware year! The contestants did a fantastic job and I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with them in the dressing rooms before the pageant started. Congratulations to Julie and Idara!!! and also to Kayla and Carly, although I was unable to come to the Miss Wilmington pageant. I am also very excited to see new faces at these locals!! Prior to the pageant and during intermission, I was holding a jewelry sale to benefit Children's Miracle Network. My mom has a knack for making beautiful earrings, so I figured I would put her to work!! She enjoys helping out, and I definitely appreciate everything that she does! The sale was a success and I hope to hold this at the local pageants in the future! I'd also like to mention that I will never be afraid when I'm with little Sarah. She told me while we were backstage that "If anyone comes down here, don't be scared. I know karate." (haha) Those little girls did a great job on stage as princesses!

Earlier that morning I joined Mrs. Delaware, Lili, at the Grand Opening of the Lewes Automall. From radio interviews, to performing on the piano, to pictures with convertibles, and amazing pulled pork sandwiches, we had a blast! The salesmen were busy all afternoon selling cars, and we were meeting and greeting! I especially liked the steel drum performer! He did a great job! I wish that I knew The Little Mermaid songs so that we could have played together!

Unfortunately, I did not make it to the Scholarship Symposium this past Thursday. I came down with Strep Throat this week and did not feel well enough to attend this appearance. To be honest, I was also still contagious at that point so for the sake of everyone it was best that I did not go.

Last night on the other hand, I was feeling much better!, although my throat was still very sore. I went to the Billiard Tournament at Dover Downs. There were pool players from various places as well as Nascar drivers!! I met and chatted with many of the drivers which was so exciting, especially considering that one of them used to date a former Miss Missouri!!! There were two people (Fred, a cook from Dover Downs and Brian, from American Builder) that were playing to raise money for the Miss Delaware Scholarship Organization. Whoever won the tournament had a check for $10,000 to present to the non-profit organization of their choice. They both did a fantastic job!! I enjoyed watching all of the games of 9-ball! Fred made it to the final championship rounds, but was beat out by Casey Mears! Casey donated the money to the Alzheimer's Association. We all had a great time and I got a few pictures and autographs from the drivers that were still around after the tournament ended.

Today will be jam-packed with running errands, getting some of my shoes fixed, and PACKING!! I have gotten a lot of the packing done, although my bedroom looks like a tornado came through. Sue will be coming over later tonight to make sure that my packing is sufficient. Three weeks on a reality tv show requires a LOT of clothing, shoes, jewelry, and toiletries!!..nothing I can't handle though.

I am so excited for the filming of Count Down to the Crown. For many of the contestants and I, this will be a reunion!! but for some like Colorado, Hawaii, and Alaska, it will be the first time I get to meet them! I know that we are going to have an absolute BLAST in Los Angeles and hope that everyone has a safe flight.

I hope I don't miss too much in Delaware while I am away! I will talk to everyone when I get home!!!

xoxo Galen

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joealbero said...


This is Joe Albero. I was the Host/Professional Pool Player at Dover Downs. I took several photos of you that you wanted me to send you and you gave me your e-mail address but someone stole it.

You can e-mail me at so I can forward you the photos. They turned out great, especially the one of you and me. I helped it come out better, LOL.

I look forward to hearing from you. Oh, by the way, go to and you'll see the photo of you and me together and you'll remember who I am.

It was great meeting you and your parents must be so proud of you. Joe

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