Wednesday, November 26, 2008

..I'm not afraid to ask for directions

Another busy, busy week has passed...week 23 to be exact! The time is flying!! and Miss America is only 8 or 9 weeks away!; not that I'm counting or anything =P.

Have you ever watched the Game Show Network?..or at least heard about Squares? Well I got to participate in Delaware's Celebrity Squares! I was joined in the game by: Michael Waite, radio host from station WJBR-FM; Maxine Gaiber, Executive Director of the Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts; Vicki Huber-Rudawsky, two-time Olympian in track and field; Todd Chappelle, singer and songwriter; Meg Hudson, entrepreneur co-owner of Domaine Hudson; Sister Jeanne Cashman, Executive Director Sojourners’ Place; the Hon. M. Jane Brady, Judge, DE Superior Court; and Dr. William N. Johnson, President, Wesley College. We all had a great time! They were so witty which made the whole event even more fun. I don't think any were as funny as the Dame Edna impersonator. If you've never met her, then you just wouldn't understand. I recommend attending one of her events. She is hysterical! The singer, Todd Chappelle was the center square and entertained us with a fantastic song about Delaware, "I'm from Delaware." He gave me one of his cd's and I have been listening to it constantly in the car trying to learn the lyrics..I'll get it one of these days.

We were all asked questions relating to Delaware. Fortunately I'm pretty knowledgable about our state and it's history, but it was good practice! The proceeds of the event benefited the Fresh Start Scholarship Foundation which provides scholarship to young people who may not otherwise have the chance to attain higher education. We even heard a few personal testimonies from a few women who had benefited from the program.

The following day, I was a judge for the Little and Juvenile Miss Georgtown pageants! The girls were adorable and did a fantastic job! It's always tough being on the judges panel. Bliss, 1st runner-up to Miss Delaware 2007 was home from Law School and was also a judge. It was great to see her!! Carly and Mrs. Soucek also joined us as judges.

I actually have an exhausting story about traveling to Georgetown for this pageant. My directions took my to the highschool rather than the middle school where the pageant was being held. In the blizzard-like snow, I ran to the nearest occupied car in the highschool parking lot. I scared the poor woman as I knocked on her window in the pitch black! She was waiting for her child to get out of sports practice. I asked her for directions and she directed me south "to the middle school." Well it was the middle school alright..the Millsboro Middle School, not the Georgetown Middle School! I called Susan and asked for directions, but it was so hard to see street signs in the snow and traffic. I drove past the actual school because the sign had not been changed from when the school switched from a high school to a middle school! Some how (I still don't know how) I made it to the pageant early! I was terrified that I would be holding up the pageant, but I wasn't. The rest of the night went smoothly. Oh and I lost my car keys before I even left for the pageant. Whew!!! I was glad to get to sleep that night!

I was also given the opportunity to perform at the pageant. Fortunately, Bliss was kind enough to help me lug my electric piano, stand, bench, and chords from my car to the stage. It's a huge help when I have an extra pair of hands and muscles helping!!

While I was there, I was also finally introduced to the new Delaware's Junior Miss, Cassidy Seabolt. She's a great girl and performed very well!! (she is a dancer). Because Bliss, myself, Cassidy, and Amy, all Junior Misses and all together!..we had to get a DJM photo!

At the conclusion of the pageant, I had to drive back home to Wyoming and all of the snow from earlier in the evening had frozen on the streets. I was detoured twice on the way home; once to avoid the icy ramp just north of Milford and another time to avoid the TWENTY CAR PILE-UP just south of Dover. I am so thankful that I was not involved in those accidents! I made it home slowly, but safely!

The next day I was back in Georgetown without snow and ice :). That night, rather than judging, I joined Amanda as an emcee for the evening. I also performed again on the piano. Chelsea Betts took home the new title of Miss Sussex County, Krista Clausen is our new Miss Sussex County's Outstanding Teen and Jenna Hitchens is our new Miss Georgetown's Outstanding Teen! Congratulations girls!!! I even bumped into my director from my Delaware's Junior Miss days!

By Monday, I was up in Wilmington with Mark, trying on fur coats in his store. We found one that was a perfect fit!! I will make good use of this coat as the Thanksgiving and Christmas parades draw near!!

My Children's Miracle Network fundraiser finally arrived on Monday too. The Georgia House allowed us to hold the buffet-style dinner at their restaurant in Laurel. I performed on the piano at various times throughout the evening, helped clear tables, serve drinks, and grab any other necessities throughout the night. My mom and sister were there to help me "waitress," and Windsor sang for some of the pieces I played. I couldn't have done it without them! I am also so incredibly thankful for all of the people who came and/or sold tickets for the fundraiser!!

Tonight I was at the Longaberger Basket Bingo for Miss Delaware's Outstanding Teen. Another Vana White night. We showcased all of the baskets, helped with the Chinese Auction prizes and drawings, collected trash at the conclusion of each BINGO game, and helped with snacks. I also chatted quite a specialty! I even got a good work out as we stacked heavy chairs once the event ended! We had a great time and the organization raised quite a bit of money!

I will be travelling to Philadelphia tomorrow with Debbie to have dinner with Miss Pennsylvania, Miss New Jersey, and Miss America. We will all be in a parade on Thursday as well!..then it will be time for some Turkey! Have a great Thanksgiving!!

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