Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jet Lag is a Drag..

Incase there is no timestamp listed for my is 3:00am. Even though I've been home from Las Vegas for five days, I still cannot get to sleep at a decent time! I've even been waking up early so that I get tired early, but my strategy doesn't seem to be working. I figured since I can't sleep..why not update my blog again! :)

Since my return to the East Coast, I must say that I have, without a doubt, regained any sleep/rest that I may have lost in Las Vegas! Fortunately, I haven't had much in the way of appearances, besides interviews, so I've gotten the much-needed chance to play catch-up! I'll sadly admit though, I JUST finished unloading my last piece of luggage!

I have one interview tomorrow and then off to take the freezing cold Polar Bear Plunge on Superbowl Sunday! This will be my fourth year in a row taking the plunge, but this year will be one to remember! I will arrive early and I get to be with the Governor in front of many, many people! If you have never been to the Polar Bear Plunge in Rehoboth, I highly recommend you try it out! There is a HUGE turnout every year..which seems to grow with each passing plunge. Plus, the whole event benefits the Special Olympics! I love it!..although I may not be saying that when I'm in freezing water in a bikini!! The way I see it, if I can be on national TV in a swimsuit, what's a little water in February?? right?

Now that Miss America is over, I need a new athletic challenge! besides the plunge..and one that doesn't include wearing a bikini in high heels. I've decided to start training for a Triathlon! I'm a good runner..I've been doing it for years! and I was on swimteam growing up, so I'm sure with a little practice I could get it back. As far as the biking goes, I haven't really biked in many, many years, but I'm eager to start up again! I will hopefully be buying a new road bike in the next few days so that I can start training. If anyone has ever done a triathlon and has any advice, please leave me comments!!..even if it's just about apparel, or what to eat the day of the race, or where to get a good bike..I'm all ears!

It's hard to believe that January is already over! Once my dad got out of the hospital, it was basically time to leave for Miss America, and ever since I got home, I've just been sleeping, writing thank-you cards, and thinking about my plans for my last 4-5months as Miss Delaware! Time flies!!!

Here are some photos from Miss America..hotel room, hospitality suite, visitation, finals night, and dinner after finals night..enjoy :)

I almost forgot! I can FINALLY tell you about the reality show!! I don't remember too much since we filmed it back in September, but!..I was on the Green Team and we did very well! We won all of our challenges except one, but most importantly, we won the last challenge; we all received Golden Sashes!! It was so much fun! I just wish that TLC had shown our entire "Talent Show." We made up a skit/musical about the "Queen Mary Pageant" that resembled Cinderella. There was a girl named "Erica" who wanted to do a pageant but the "typical" pageant mom (evil step-mother) said that pageants were for girls who were beautiful, not girls who were intelligent. Then the two "evil step sisters" were stereotypical pageant girls who were WAY over the top!! Well the "fairy god-mothers" came in dressed like all of our Guest Consultants from our Reality Show. We gave Erica the advice that she needed..the advice that we had received from the Consultants. If you saw me with pantyhose on my's because I was Noah (a bald man) of our fashion consultants on the show. To make it a musical..I played the piano and we sang pretty much everything. Each of us then showcased our talent to show Erica what she needed to do to be able to win the Miss Queen Mary Pageant. Then we changed the words to "America the Beautiful" to suit our storyline and sang it at the end. I will try to remember our lyrics:

Oh Beautiful, Long eye-lashed eyes
For Blonde-highlighted hair
For glued rear ends and five-inch heels
That cause the men to stare!!

Girl strut your stuff on stage!
And crown thy head with no bloodshed
From Jersey to L.A.!!!!

It was awesome!!! Our costumes were fabulous!! Miss HI was Shakara, and she wore an afro wig for the musical. Miss SD and I were both men..Clinton and Noah. Miss FL was Gretchen from Fox News. We used specific phrases that these Guest Consultants had used, so the whole audience knew exactly what we were doing! It was so funny!

Miss ID and Miss VI were both the evil step sisters/ Pageant Pattys.
Miss TX was the Step-mother/Pageant mom
Miss WI was Erica!!! (Cinderella!)

Oh boy was it funny!! Wish you could have seen the whole thing!!

Bye for now, I'll update soon enough!!

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Tiffany said...

Just catching up on how things with the pagent went! Looks like you had the time of your life. What a fabulous experience. Blogging is a great way to keep everyone involved and informed.
Hope you are great and congrats on all your accomplishments.
Tiffany (Giaccone) Revels

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