Monday, April 20, 2009

"..and if you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans."

I cut my hair on Friday! Well...Sal cut my hair on Friday. It's not too short, don't be alarmed. Right after that, I went to the Meals with the Masters event at the Chase Center at the Riverfront. It was a lot of fun chatting with people and selling guesses for the Cork Challenge. Only five bucks to guess the number of corks in the display! The winner took home a huge "Barrel of Cheer!" Would you believe the number of corks was 1124!! Whew!! That whole challenge took hours! All the while, I'm standing in the same spot, smiling, and inviting people to hand me their five dollars. I had the chance to break away for a few minutes though, to grab some food and sorbet! I even got a free cook book from Big Fish!! Not bad, eh?

As you can imagine, I didn't get much sleep Friday night since I had to drive home from Wilmington and get things together for....MISS DELAWARE ORIENTATION. Yes, it's true...orientations are already starting (which means my year as Miss Delaware is officially coming to an end). I woke up early Saturday morning on very little sleep, got my things together and started my hour-long drive down to Georgetown. Well I left a few minutes later than I had I guess I was traveling a little faster than normal. All I can say is, THANK YOUUUUU Officer Gallagher! Thank you. I had a nice little chat with the Trooper about my appearance with Troop 4 in December, and was on my a slower annnnd safer speed :) Orientation was fun, but I really started getting tired once my RedBull began wearing off. That stuff doesn't last forever!

I had Church on Sunday then went to the mall to waste the 1.5hours that I had between Church and my appearance. Remember that I will soon be a college student again..I decided to swing into American Eagle. This is one store I have not shopped in this year because the clothes are not what I wear to appearances. Boy did it feel good to get some "campus clothing!" Then I went over to the Duncan Center for the Downtown Dover event..including a fashion show! I modeled a really cute dress and beautiful jewelry from Belle Boutique and Forney's. It was a fun event, however getting onto the runway that had no steps, in a short (not too short though!) dress was a bit challenging. I made it though!..with the help of two very nice escorts.

Miss USA was on Sunday night! We were well-represented by Kate! and I kept seeing her backstage!! I'm sure she had a blast out there and can't wait to hear about it!..if we ever have an appearance together hehe.

I was in the dental office all day today. It started going much better once I had my RockStar drink!..took my headache away. Then Jen and I went to get pedicures and manicures. It was a relaxing end to a raaaainy Monday.

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Chris said...

I thankfully will never forget your shopping story...long live American Eagle, and fitting rooms.

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