Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September 11th- September 19th

Hello Everyone!

Saturday, 9/11, was a busy day, to say the least! I was up early to attend the Amish Country Bike Tour in Dover where I mingled and welcomed the cyclists back as they finished their race! I ate some delicious pulled pork sandwiches with my parents, who came to enjoy a few moments with me and I even sampled some homemade peach ice cream from my favorite local farm! It was an honor to be a part of this event because all the proceeds were to benefit our veterans, and I am proud to same that my father, grandfather's and uncles are U.S. Veterans!

From there I quickly rushed out of the heat, and over to the Miss Kent County pageant. Unfortunately, because of scheduling I was not able to crown the next Miss Kent County (my last local title before becoming Miss Delaware), but I was lucky enough to spend time with the girls prior to the competition, and emcee the first half! Congratulations to my local sister from 2010 and longtime friend, Heather McKinney for being crowned the new Miss Kent County! I am so proud of her for how far she has come, and I look forward to seeing her compete at the Miss Delaware Pageant this June!

Had I been able to stay longer, I would have delivered a farewell speech, which ultimately would have lasted an hour at least! But in lieu of a long-winded speech I would like to briefly thank my local directors and team members, Brittany Dempsey, Laura Moylan and Vicky Dempsey for their endless love and support the past seven months. They never doubted I could become Miss Delaware, and they never allowed me the chance to doubt my potential either! They were the best team I could have asked for and without their help, I may not be experiencing this exciting year ahead of me! I love you all so much, and I feel like you are all a part of my family.

Halfway through the pageant, I had to excuse myself from the microphone, and run to the Denim and Diamonds Event at the Delaware Agricultural Museum in Dover to benefit Meals on Wheels of Delaware! All I can say is, Fabulous! The event was beyond a success and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves! The food was terrific, the music was great and the auction items were quite a hit! I was assigned the role of diamond-saleswoman, for lack of a better term. As a part of the fundraising efforts, a local jeweler donated a 3ct diamond for the cause! Champagne glasses were sold with either one of the 49 fake diamonds, or "crystals" as I liked to call them, or the one glass with the real diamond. Mrs. Delaware and I were thrilled to be a part of this because it gave us the chance to really meet all of the attendees! And, boy, was it exciting to build up the anticipation of discovering the winner!

As you might imagine, I slept very well that night! And woke up Sunday morning to attend church and then head to Oaks, Pennsylvania where I attended the first annual "Mutts Making Money for Melaina" Dog Walk to raise money for the National Alopecia Areata Foundation! Bridgette (my beautiful and fluffy bichon-maltipoo) attended the event with me, as did my parents! Melaina is lucky to have such a wonderful family and Beth (Melaina's mother) did an incredible job with the planning! Thank you all for including me!

Monday I drove down to Selbyville to be trained by Kim for Miss Delaware given platform, Character Counts! After creating several lesson plans, working through several activities and just acting out teaching styles, I felt ready to get into the classroom! Thank you, Kim, for the sweet lemonade and for taking the time to work with me! From there I drove back to Camden where I purchased a new pair of pointe shoes from The Dance Collection. The next day I drove down to Rehoboth Beach to workout with Miss Delaware's Fitness Sponsor, Paul Timmons from The Firm, and boy was it a workout! I picked my dad up on my way down so I could have some company while I ran errands that day. And Wednesday I visited our wonderful skincare sponsor, Hockessin Day Spa for a rejuvenating facial! I so look forward to those appointments! In just four days, I travelled over 550 miles in my car!

Then Wednesday night, I drove to Wall, New Jersey to be with my two favorite little girls, Lilliana and Isabella! We had a very early morning Thursday and headed into New York City to be with Lilliana and her family as she received her very first hair system! She looks like such a diva in her new, strawberry blonde hairdo! I will be sure to include a photo! After eating lunch in the city, and surviving the torrential downpour followed by lots of traffic, we made it back to New Jersey in one piece! That night, the girls and I had a slumber party and made my favorite sweet treat- S'mores!!! Friday was another early day as I was a guest speaker at Central Elementary School, where the girls attend! I was able to tell Lilliana's peers all about what it means to have Alopecia Areata in a large assembly where all classes attended. Then I made individual classroom visits to the first grade classes.

After the school visit, Donna (Lilliana and Isabella's mother) took me shopping and to get my nails done, for a relaxing afternoon! Donna, Matt and the girls are like family to me, and I always have a great time when I am with them! Friday night I spent time with Donna, Matt and their friends as well as all of their children. It was great insight to what life will be like with kids! One little boy just fell in love with me, and I won't soon forget his supreme dancing skills!!!

Saturday was filled with busy work and helping Kevin move into his new apartment in D.C. Then, Sunday I spoke at the Seaford United Methodist Church about my life and how God has played such a large role in every piece of my journey. I have been blessed with many gifts and I am thankful to have the opportunities and the venues to share them with others- and all of that is thanks to God.

Thank you for following my year as Miss Delaware, and my Miss America journey. Please check back soon for an update on the end of September and to see pictures of all the appearances I shared with you! Have a great week!

With Love,


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