Sunday, December 19, 2010

November 16- November 19th

Hello Friends!

Time has really flown by and it seems as if Fall has ended as quickly as it started! November 16th and 17th were spent rehearsing my dance routine, having some of my Miss America wardrobe fitted and a mock interview in Wilmington. Thursday, I woke up early to rehearse my dance and then visit one of my favorite sponsors, Carrie at Hockessin Day Spa for a facial and peel! Immediately after, I met my Executive Director, Debi to attend the "Celebrity Squares" event at the DuPont Country Club in Wilmington. It was an honor to be one of the "celebrities" chosen for this fundraiser and even more importantly, it was humbling to hear the stories of the women who the money raised in years prior has helped to pay for their higher education. The woman who spoke that night was a young mother who may not have been able to receive her high school diploma, let alone enter college. But, God has blessed her so much through this foundation, that she will be graduating with her Bachelor's Degree this spring. All of the questions I was asked that night were Delaware-related; thankfully!

Friday, November 19th, I visited the gym and ran all the errands I was unable to take care of throughout the week. That evening I was asked to serve as the Keynote Speaker at Eagle 97.7's Delmarvalous Women Event which honored women from all walks of life for excelling in their careers or in their service to the community. It was my honor and my pleasure to speak that evening and meet all of the "Delmarvalous Women"! Politicians, Stay-at-home mothers, servicewomen, teachers, nurses and beyond were recognized that evening and it warmed my heart to see them have a moment to shine! I decided to bring my mother as my guest and travel companion that evening because she is my "Delmarvalous Woman" and she is a true superhero. If we have never met before, then you may not know the story of my family.

A few years before I was born, my father was serving as a Ssgt in the United States Air Force. He and my mother had not been married long when he was given orders to serve in Germany. My parents loved living there! But, one day my father was driving home and his car stalled on train tracks where he inevitably was involved in a near-fatal accident. The train crushed his car, and my father was declared dead on the scene. But, one of the responders decided to do everything he could to revive my father. God had a greater plan for my dad, and after having 1/4 of his brain removed and replaced with dental cement, along with other procedures, he was revived. From the effects of the accident, my father went through months of rehabilitation and he was declared 100% medically retired and disabled from the USAF. My father has not been able to work or drive since I was born, and my mother became the sole provider for our family. She is the strongest person I know, even though she has always worked three jobs, she still finds the time to volunteer and give back. She has been the greatest role model because she never complains about the cards life has dealt her, and she is still a woman of great faith. I thank the Lord everyday for the family I have and for the values they have instilled in me. They have taught me what is truly important in life.

Both of my parents have taught me, "Faith means being sure of the things we hope for and knowing that something is real even if we do not see it." (Hebrews 11:1)

I hope you have a calm and peaceful evening everyone!



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