Saturday, June 7, 2014

Pageant Packing List- The things you don't know you need

Hello readers!

The day before I leave for Massachusetts, I find that I have a flat tire.  I am sitting in the car shop and thought "Why don't I write a fun informal blog post!"  Well here it is!

I hate packing.  No matter what the destination I find that it is a very stressful situation because I almost always end up forgetting something. Well Miss Delaware 2013 is going to help you with your all of your unconventional packing needs. 

1.  Sweatshirts
              Yes, it is the beginning of summer and it is 85 degrees outside but the ballroom is freezing!!  You will be very happy for a warm sweatshirt during rehearsals.

2.  Blanket and pillow
               At Miss America, I completely forgot both of these items and most of the other girls did as well.  We all bought matching Miss America blankets and coveted them.  You will be tired during Miss Delaware week and you will appreciate a quick cat nap when other contestants are rehearsing their talent or swimsuit walk.

3.  Copies of your paperwork
             Months after turning in your paperwork, it is easy to forget what those interesting facts are at the bottom of your resume.  The judges can ask anything from your paperwork and you do not want to be tripped up by the fact you put that you love beat-boxing at the bottom of your resume.

4.  Shoe grips/ gel pads
            The Miss Delaware stage is very slippery.  Buy these at your local Target or Walmart to ensure a steady swimsuit walk.

5.  Thank you cards
          Miss Delaware is run by volunteers and every event you go to is donated through the organization.  Thank every person you come in contact with.

 6.  Baby wipes
         These are the HOLY GRAIL of pageant week.  You can use them to wipe off your makeup, clean a scuff off a shoe, get makeup off of an outfit, clean up your station, clean off your makeup brushes, and wipe off after a hot day.  The possibilities are endless!

7.  Cough Drops (without menthol) or Airborne 
          The dreaded reality of Miss Delaware week is that at least one person will get sick.  Cough drops with Zinc and Vitamin C or Airborne are the best defense against sickness.  The reason you need cough drops without menthol is because menthol numbs your throat and can cause vocal damage to singers. 

8.  Gifts
        You need to bring gifts for all 17 of your Miss Delaware sisters, your 2 Miss Delaware princesses, and your roommate.

          Miss Delaware provides you with breakfast, lunch, and dinner but if you are like me, the hunger never subsides.  I love trail mix and Luna bars for an afternoon snack. 

8.  Labels/sewing  kit
         Label everything you bring backstage.  It is very easy to get things mixed up or to misplace something during the scramble of competition.  Labeling is the best way to get things returned to you.  Sewing kit for those little nicks and tears.

9.  Emergency cash
        Just in case and if you need to tip!

10.  Tanning towels/ double stick tape
       The double stick tape helps keep things in place.  The negative of the tape is that it pulls off spray tan.  Tanning towels help your spray tan last and cover up spots that are missed.

11.  Positive attitude
          17 of you will be competing but only one of you will be Miss Delaware 2014.  The only reason that she will be crowned is that it is her year.  Prepare yourself for winning and prepare for supporting the future Miss Delaware. 

Hope this helps!
Rebecca Jackson
Miss Delaware 2013

Here is a nice conventional packing list from The Pageant Planet if you still need help :)

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