Thursday, August 7, 2008

Busiest Week So Far..

This has been the most hectic week since I won my title almost two months ago.

On Monday Sue and I embarked on a little trip to Milsboro and Milford to scope out the wardrobes of two other ladies. Melanie and Rich Hatter's son's girlfriend let me try on some of her dresses; three of them worked so that was a success!! In Milford, we went to Bliss' house to try on some of the clothes/dresses that she no longer wanted/needed. Apparently, Bliss and I look good in the same clothes because EVERYTHING fit and just about EVERYTHING looked great! We were all amazed at how well everything seemed to work! Sue and I went home with garment bags and garment bags FULL of dresses, shirts, and suits. I am so extremely appreciative of all that these ladies provided me with! It was so kind and thoughtful of them to do that, and it is more of a help than they think!!! THANK YOU!!

The Delaware Electric Coop event was held on Tuesday at the Harrington Fair grounds. Susan and I attended this together. We looked at all of the exhibits and ate a delicious dinner! I met many people, signed many autographs, and took a lot of pictures! I also happened to bump into my first piano teacher from years and years ago; what a reunion!! Ms. Fennel hasn't changed a bit!!

Last night was my appearance at the Blue Rocks game in Wilmington. I was able to throw out the first pitch with a few other fans. Throughout the game, I had a dental exhibit displayed for the Blue Rocks fans to take advantage of. From a sandbag toss game in the shape of a tooth, to prizes for kids, to free toothbrushes, floss, dental educational cd's, and dental-related activity worksheets, we had "the bases covered!" My dad and Bob kept me company and helped me with the dental table. The homemade sandbag toss was a hit!! All of the kids loved it and I will be able to use this throughout the year. I gave out over 100 toothbrushes, an entired big box of mini floss containers, and all of the worksheets! I came home empty-handed, which is exactly what I wanted. These items were donated by Dr. Kidd in Dover and Dr. Pilsbury in Dover. One girl (she couldn't have been more than 14 years old) told me, after asking me a few questions, "It's nice to know that there are really people out there who care." It made me realize that to some, that dental table may have been just a handful of free items, or a game to play, but it impacted others in a positive way. As Miss Delaware, I represent not only our state, but everything that I'm involved in, including the Miss Delaware Organization. To show someone, like this young lady, that our organization is here to impact our community is exactly what I set out to do each time I step outside. I really appreciate her comment because it lets me know that we're on the right track!!

A radio interview is how I began my day this morning! I drove to New Castle and was interviewed by Mark Fowser. The interview will be on the air this weekend on 92.9 if you'd like to find out what we talked about!

Now I'm just getting ready for my trip to Orlando for the Miss America's Outstanding Teen Pageant and the Miss America Workshop. GOOD LUCK AMANDA!!!!


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