Friday, August 1, 2008

It has surely been too long since my last update! I've had a lot of new experiences and am now anticipating Mandie's send-off part tonight, for the Miss America's Outstanding Teen pageant!

I'll give you a brief update about how July went for me!

It started out with the Town of Wyoming meeting. I saw many familiar faces since many of the Wyoming residents are members at my church. They all so thoughtfully honored me at this meeting, and even bumbed me to the beginning of the meeting so that I didn't have to stay for hours!

I had a blast travelling to Pennsylvania with George and Sue to watch the Miss PA pageant! There were many wonderful and talented contestants, and it was nice to take a look at what other state pageants do during their Miss pageant. I even bumbed into two of my judges from Miss Delaware. Needless to say, I gave them both BIG hugs!!Congratulations to Kendria! She played the piano beautifully and I'm excited to meet her again in Orlando!

I had one of my favorite appearances just a couple weeks ago! The Best of Delaware event! I had a great time last year, and knew I'd have a good time again. I was showcasing clothing from Lady's Image, so I was changing outfits every 30-40minutes. This may sound like a lot of wardrobe changes, but I'll tell you what; it was nice to be able to switch shoes that often! My feet never hurt because I was always changing shoes!!

I went to the fair with Linda for Governor's Day and had such a great time! We started the day off on the right foot after I won the annual Egg Tossing Contest! We were all over the fair grounds; from watching my first horse races, to laughing uncontrolably during the Pig Kissing Contest, to riding the Ferris Wheel with Lt. Governor Carney, holding baby chicks, and even seeing a real "Fightin' Blue Hen!" I met a lot of people and had to opportunity to visit many exhibits and tents that I had never seen. We were also very fortunate in the weather that day; it was beautiful outside, sunny, and breezey. We couldn't have asked for more! I was also asked to perform at the Governor's Dinner, so I played on my new electric keyboard! It worked out so well! We finally got to kick back and relax as we watched the Martina McBride concert from the air conditioning. The golf cart ride back to the car was a little challenging since my piano comes with many other "accessories (stand, pedal, bench, etc.)," but luckily, we had a nice group of gentleman that helped us!

I've also discovered a new workout that I love! Brittany and I went through a Crossfit routine a few days ago, and boy was I sore the next day! It gets tough to push through the last couple loops, but we knew we were working very hard, and it was quite obvious when I could barely get out of bed the next day!

Tonight is Mandie's Send-off party and I am so excited for her! She is going to represent Delaware so well in Orlando and I know she's going to have a blast!!! She will come home with 49 new friends! I wish her the best at Nationals, and will definitely be there cheering her on!!! GOODLUCK MANDIE!!!! We are so proud of you!!!

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