Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Busy Day

Saturday was a day full of events. It started off with the Delaware Electric Cooperative's Open House down in Greenwood. It was a much bigger event than I anticipated. I started off with a radio interview by WGMD and then walked around the facility to meet people and talk with them as they were finishing up their tour of the place. We then went outside where they had a demonstration of the power going through the electric lines along our highways. At that time we also sat down and enjoyed some great hamburgers and pasta salad while live music was playing in the background. Before I left, a biker asked me to go take a picture on his bike that he brought for the motorcycle competition. It was beautiful...and custom made! I'm pretty sure I look very natural on a bike :)

Next, we were off to the Little Miss Harbeson pageant down in Laurel. I was the emcee there as well as the stage hand. I interviewed each contestant on stage after they competed in their evening gowns. Then they got dressed for their patriotic wear number to the song Celebration. In preparation for the number I was given two rolls of bubble wrap and asked to spread it across the stage for everyone to dance on. I was then told I would be dancing as well, and then asked to pick up the bubble wrap after the song was done...haha who would've thought I'd be rolling bubble wrap in a sundress across the floor. I guess that's one of those moments you look back and laugh at the end of the year. I wish someone would've taken a picture of it!

When my appearances were over I came home to get ready for a BBQ put on by my state senator, Senator Colin Bonini. I went with Jonathan, because I was his guest, and yet it somehow turned into a mini appearance. Once people got wind that I was Miss Delaware they were full of questions and advice for my year. So many people were excited to help me out and were willing to invite me to their classrooms to speak or to events put on by groups they are involved in. It was very flattering, but I think that was the first time I realized the large role I play within the state. It was amazing how the night transformed.

By Sunday I was completely drained. It was my first full day of events and believe me it was tiring! But I wouldn't change it for the world! I feel so blessed and everyday something exciting happens. Yesterday I was asked by the Kent County Tourism to take a picture with their Wacky Chair that the Milford Boys and Girls Club created for the State Fair for a competition put on for the Ellen DeGeneres for show. Online voting available on these chairs check out to vote! It is amazing!!!

Other than that I have been working out at the gym and playing soccer during the day. Trying to get into the gym as much as I can while I still have the time! Not sure what next week holds yet, so I will let you know as soon as I do!


Steffi said...

Keep updating, Heather! I love reading about your activities, especially since I can't be around to watch or join you. Love from Germany, Steffi (and Josh)

Miss Wilmington 2009 said...


Love the curly hair! Hope you're doing well. We should have lunch one day soon. :-)

<3 Carly

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