Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fourth of July Weekend

It was a great weekend this past weekend. The weather was BEAUTIFUL! I completely lucked out from what I have heard about years past. Friday I had the Bethany Beach parade which was wonderful. Susan's daughter Stacey graciously drove me in her blue BMW convertible. There were so many people out there it was unbelievable. An A Capella men's group sang to me before the parade which was a first for me. Then Jonathan and I met Susan and Gene at their river house to catch up on the events from the day thus far. After talking with Susan and Gene, we decided to all go eat at the Georgia House in Millsboro. They had a fantastic chicken salad sandwich if anyone is in the mood for one! Then I went home and waited for my brother Josh and his wife Carrie to come down to visit for the weekend.

On Saturday my brother and my dad worked on the yard while my sister Allison, Carrie, my mom, and I cooked dessert and made the salads for the BBQ. The food was delicious! After a nice day with my family I met my driver, Donald, in his red 1965 Corvette convertible to take me to the Dover parade that night. We had a great time talking with Danielle, MDOT 2009, before the parade and I mingled with the crowd afterwards signing autographs and taking pictures. It was nice seeing so many familiar faces in Dover. Later that night we enjoyed the fireworks and had a picnic dinner.

Sunday was a day of rest for me. After church I did some shopping with my mom up at the Christiana mall and then took a nice long nap to prepare me for this week. Monday was a day filled with finalizing paperwork to send off to Miss America and picking the official photos! It was a long night but everything was accomplished and sent off. I can't wait for you to see what pictures we chose. Barry, the photographer in NY, did a fantastic job! Tuesday I trained with Trainer Dan and played soccer with my gym. Today I had my nails done and my hair styled up at Michael Christopher's Salon in Wilmington. Then I met with my vocal coach Phil Doucette while I was in the area for a lesson.

Tomorrow is Jonathan's birthday so I will be relaxing down at the beach with him and his best friend Tim. Then we are going go-kart racing! We'll see how that goes... :)

Saturday will be a busy day with the Delaware Electric Co-Op Open House and the Little Miss Harbeson pageant. I will certainly keep you posted on how they go!

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