Monday, May 10, 2010

Healthy Kids Day and Little Miss Laurel

I went to the Western Family YMCA in Newark to attend Healthy Kids Day. Who knew it would be so eventful! They had a moon bounce, vendors, zumba, and dancing.

While the DJ was playing music to keep the excitement going, I decided to have a mini dance party with one of the mascots there. Who would've thought that water had such sweet moves??

After taking Zumba with Pam, I learned an Indonesian Dance. I certainly enjoyed a day full of physical activity.

One of the perks of being Miss Delaware is attending several pageants throughout the state. I was asked to be a judge at the Little/Miss Laurel pageant. What a great group of girls! The support this pageant receives from the community is astounding.
All of the girls did a remarkable job, and I know the winners will serve their community well. It is encouraging to see programs that support community service and scholarship.

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