Thursday, August 5, 2010

July 3rd to July 15th- Quick Update

Saturday, Sunday and Monday were filled with 4th of July Parades in Middletown, Dover and Bethany Beach! I interviewed with Fox News Online, WILM, 92.5fm, and two news papers over the next few day and enjoyed a few workouts in the gym, and some time to myself to unpack! I also finished my Miss America paperwork at this time and began selecting my headshot!

Friday afternoon I facilitated a Health Rocks! training for 4-H which is a drug prevention curriculum that is directed at preteens and teens. Afterward, I took part in a Cake Decorating class with 4-H/Military youth and had such a wonderful time!

Saturday July 10th, I spoke at a Young Ladies Gala in Dover for mostly young Latina women. Even though I was not feeling like myself that day, I came to realize that the appearances you may least expect to affect you, are the ones that affect you the most. I am so pleased that my prayers (and Julie Collins') were answered, and I was able to attend the event after all. Miss Delaware 2007, my best friend, Brittany Dempsey also spoke at this event. Seeing the impact she can have on people as a former is a positive reminder that there are still opportunities like these, to change people's lives after Miss Delaware.

The next day I met with Debi and Susan, my Executive Director and Business Manager and headed to a pool party with some of my fellow Miss Delaware 2010 contestants! It was great to see all of them in such a relaxed setting, and hear what wonderful things they have been up to since the pageant. I am so proud to be a part of the Miss DE class of 2010, and I know that each of these women will become influential people in their chosen paths. Thank you, Kristina, for inviting everyone to your home! And thank you to Erin for making such a delicious cake!!!

That week I was interviewed on WBOC, and met with our 'prep team' regarding my Miss America talent! I still get excited just thinking about it!!!

Thank you so much for keeping up with my year as Miss Delaware and for being patient as the updates and responses are coming as quickly as possible! I am working hard to make you all proud. Have a wonderful weekend, and be sure to tune in to ABC August 6th at 10pm for my interview with Deborah Roberts on 20/20!

With Love,



Living the Scream said...

I tweeted you the other day about a childrens book my Mom wrote that she sent to you through the Ms. Delaware pageant address. We are just hoping that it makes it's way to you and were wondering if that was the best way to send it. My Mom wrote this book for one of her granddaughters who has a mild case of Alopecia. The story is about a little girl who loses her hair but doesn't care. We thought you would enjoy it. It is called Hairietta Hairison, The one, the Only Me. if you could keep an eye out for it that would be great! Also I just saw you on 2020 and thought your interview was truly inspiring. Thanks so much!

My email is
My mom's website is

sarah said...

Dear Kayla,
My name is Sarah Watson, and I am 8 years old. I have alopeica but just a spot on the top of my head. My mom and I watched you on 20/20.
You are an inspiration to me. You are beautiful. Good luck to you in January.

Sarah Watson

sarah said...

Dear Kayla,

My name is Sarah Watson, and I am 8 years old. I have alopecia but just a spot on the top of my head. My mom and I saw you on 20/20. You are an inspiration to me. You are beautiful. Good luck to you in January.

Sarah Watson

Jeannine said...

Dear Kayla
First of all Congratulations! Well done! My name is Jeannine and I am writing to thank you on behalf of all alopecians. I am 44 years old and developed alopecia 5 years ago. I agree with you there is never a good time to lose your hair; however, after the first shock it was never really a problem for me after that. I always felt it is "just hair" after all and what some people do to their hair is much worse then not having any hair at all. BUT, I am getting really tired of explaining that I do not have cancer over and over to random strangers on the street. (which is the main reason for wearing wigs sometimes in order to just blend in). So my point is I am so extremely happy about what you do and how you do it. I have already been approached by people asking me if I have what Miss Delaware has!!! YEAH!! Keep the education going! I am a Veterinarian and a puplic speaker frequently in the public eye. Alopecia has never slowed me down a day in my life. I support you all the way and hope you will be our next Miss America. You are truly inspiring.
Jeannine Berger DVM DACVB

Valerie Bosselman said...

You are a true beauty, and subject of my blog today. I'll have my TiVo set for Miss America, and will be hoping and praying your wildest dreams come true.

Valerie Bosselman

Kim Pospisil said...

I just read an article about you on and I am so impressed. I know you have heard this too many times now but you are a heroine to so many little girls. You must have an awesome mother. I say that because no one else can encourage a young girl in trials like loosing your hair as a strong, loving Mother. I hope I can be the kind of mom you have to my little girl. Thank you for standing on such a noble platform! You rock

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