Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October 18- October 27

Hi Friends!

I wish I could express in writing how incredible this experience has been thus far. Every day I feel so blessed to wake up and know that I am going to meet someone who could potentially change my life, or better yet, I could change theirs. As Miss Delaware I have the fortune of serving people in all walks of life, and meeting people who inspire me as much as I hope to inspire them. To be honest with you, I can't help but wonder if I could have found a better job! And I know in my heart that I am the right woman for it.

As I bring my blog up-to-date, I wanted to take a moment and read through previous entries to reflect on my first four months as your Miss Delaware. I found myself with tears in my eyes, and hairs raised on my arms from the memories I have shared with you. My life has already been changed in these roughly 120 days, and I will be a stronger and better woman because of these experiences.

On Monday the 18th I travelled to New York City, my favorite city in the world to work on my Miss America preparations. I am so excited for the pageant and I know that I am ready for the road that lies ahead of me. Be sure to tune in to ABC on January 15th to see me compete for the job of Miss America 2011. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers from now until then as I continue to work hard to represent you at the national level.

A few highlights from my NYC trip were seeing Chicago on Broadway, which was a surprise gift from my wonderful Mother, dining at a tapas restaurant and Serendipity (we sat at the same table the movie was filmed at!!!), and, of course...... stopping at St. Alps Teahouse for BUBBLE TEA! Bubble Tea is my favorite thing in the whole world, and I miss it terribly when in Delaware, because I have yet to find a teahouse nearby that prepares it the way I like. While in the city I also met with Ronnie and Deborah from The Bridal Suite to meet with Sherri Hill once more! The trip was very quick, and quite exhausting but I loved every second there. And I must say, it was quite productive!

As I returned to Delaware late Wednesday afternoon, I hurried from Wilmington to Milford to ride in the Milford Fall Parade. The drizzles of rain didn't stop my town from having lots of fun, and the parade carried on! I treasure every appearance in my hometown, especially those that are followed by time with my parents.

I was back up north on Thursday at one of my favorite sponsors, Hockessin Day Spa, having a facial done by the magnificent Carrie. That day was a relaxing day for me with a few personal appointments here and there. That evening I met with my Executive Director, Debi, at her home to plan for the months ahead of us, and to catch up on the past few weeks. Even though we chat weekly, sometimes daily, we definitely appreciate the meetings together to catch up. Thanks for the yummy dinner, Deb!

Friday was the beginning of my productive week as I worked on essays, blogs, emails, and even found time for my very first air brush tan from Sun Dazed Tanning in Milford! Thank you, Velvet for taking such good care of me! I was afraid I would look like a pumpkin and was prepared to change my Halloween costume at a moments notice, but she picked the perfect color for me!

Saturday was my second favorite appearance opportunity thus far! I had the best time at the Special Olympics Fall Festival Games at the University of Delaware, and I won't soon forget my time there. I had marriage proposals, learned all there is to know about Bocce Ball, took lots of fun photos, and was even given a pumpkin from the cutest young boy, Henry! My fondest memory of the day was walking into the Field House and passing one of the athletes, a young man, who was SO excited to see me! He had been waiting all day for Miss Delaware to arrive, and when he saw my crown he kept repeating, "Oh my, goodness! Oh my, goodness! It's Miss Delaware!" It honestly made his day to meet me, and the fact that I took the time to chat with him and get to know him, meant so much to his family. I am feeling emotional just writing this because it warms my heart to know that I can have such an impact on someone that I barely know. And I have learned that just as soon as you think you cannot relate to a certain person, or group of people, you realize that you have much more in common than you thought!

That is what excites me the most about the job of Miss America. You are chosen to represent and relate to all people, and be able to carry a conversation with anyone who will give you their time. And while no person can say she has something in common with every American, it is Miss America's job to find a way to relate to them. How incredible is that?

To finish my entry- Sunday was my Applebee's Pancake Breakfast for the Children's Miracle Network. Thank you to everyone who volunteered, or came out to support, and thank you to Milford Applebee's for generously donating the time, space and profits of the morning for a cause that is near and dear to my heart. I travelled directly from the fundraiser, to the Ross Mansion in Seaford for their 150th anniversary festival and agricultural celebration! I had such a lovely time with the Dairy Princess, Peach Queen, Sheep & Wool Princess and Watermelon Queen.

Monday and Tuesday were extremely productive for me. I worked on the Quality of Life Application and Essays, was fitted for many dress alterations, had a dentist appointment, worked out at the gym, tanned, danced ballet and even spent time with my dad on his birthday! My to-do list is finally dwindling!

Today, I let myself sleep in a bit, and have been finishing more work. Tonight I will be riding in the Selbyville Halloween Parade! I hope to see you there!

Have a great day, and thank you for being a part of my journey to Miss America.

God bless,


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