Thursday, November 11, 2010

October 28- November 4

Dear Friends,

My schedule the past few weeks has stayed busy, as per the usual! Thursday, the 28th of October was filled with a workout, talent rehearsal and having a few dresses altered! Friday I woke up early for a workout at the gym, and had a quick lunch at home before I was on my way up to Newark to see my Miss America hair piece for the first time! Mario Rispoli, owner of Salon Rispoli, ordered a custom piece which is based on a mold of my head and the color my hair was when it grew back a few years ago! I absolutely love it, and I can't wait for you all to see it!

Following my appointment with Mario, I left with lots of positive energy and drove to Wilmington for a mock interview. The interview went really well, and I use each of these opportunities to prepare for the moments I will have with the Miss America judges. I hit some serious traffic on my way home, but made it just in time to put my costume on for the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition's "Mask for the Cure" Halloween Event! I had such a terrific time attending the event as "just Kayla" with some of my closest friends. DBCC is an organization that I am proud to be involved with, and hope to stay involved even in my life after the crown.

Saturday, October 30th I rode in the Seawitch Parade in Rehoboth Beach- which is one of the neatest festivals of the fall! I decided to leave Bridgette, the dog, at home so I could have some of my favorite, yet sinful, treats after the parade! Grottos Pizza is one of my favorite things in the world- yum! Just use a napkin to dab a bit of the grease off, and you are ready to eat! Sunday was as close to a day off as I can get! With just a few things on my to-do list that day I loved being able to open the doors to the adorable trick-or-treaters in the neighborhood and give out lots of candy with Mrs. Gillis!

I decided to be as productive as possible Monday, since it would be quite a few days before I would have the opportunity to again. After a workout and a few errands, the day passed me by quickly. I stopped in Milford at Sun Dazed Tanning to get a summer-glow before I attended "Hope for Lymes" a fundraiser in in Georgetown to honor Tish Pusey-McQuay, a former Miss Delaware who is a recently diagnosed survivor of Lymes Disease. I only wish I could have spent time with her that day, because I think so much of Tish and admire her strength to not only endure this bump in the road, but also to be an amazing mother.

Tuesday I let myself sleep in a bit after another late night, and woke up with enough time to make myself presentable and hit the road to Milford where I continued the tradition of voting with my parents. Every year since I could remember, my parents and I would walk to the elementary school and they would let me pick who they voted for! Just kidding!!! But, they would let me push the red "Vote" button! :) This day was a little bittersweet for me, because I was thrilled to spend the daytime in my hometown, but I couldn't help but remember Election Day 2008 when I had my accident and suffered long-term effects from a concussion. It was a long recovery period, and quite a crossroads in my life, but I was blessed to have such supportive and loving, family and friends by my side. I love you all! :)

That night, I rehearsed my dance with my best friend, Miss Delaware 2007, Brittany Dempsey for a few hours until I nearly rolled myself out the door and into my car from pure exhaustion! After a full-night's rest, I awoke Wednesday with an all-new to-do list! After taking care of my own things, I helped my friend Ashley prepare her college essays before we rewarded ourselves at Sun Dazed Tan in Milford with a new, beautiful tan before the big weekend ahead! Velvet and Kaila always take great care of me :)

Thursday was the biggest day of my week- Returns Day! For those of you from out of state, Returns Day is quite the event in Delaware. Two days after Election Day, all of the candidates gather today for a reception and parade to honor the winners and their opponents and celebrate the end of another tough campain/election season. The theme is always to "Burry the Hatchet"! Delaware is the only state in the country to have such an event and I am proud to have been a part of it. It was neat to be in the parade and see these beautiful, old-fashioned horse carriages filled with the newly elected officials, their opponents, and their families together. Yes, Christine O'Donnell and Chris Coons were together, too! Everyone was delightfully civil and truly took the time to celebrate their hard work. My favorite part was hearing my great uncle referred to as, "Representative Kenton" for the very first time! I am so proud of you, Uncle Dickey!!! Love you!

Unfortunately, the rain was coming down all day long, but that didn't hinder anyone's spirits! However, it did eventually lead to a sinus infection for yours truly! The weekend ahead of my was quite an important one and I knew I needed my rest that night. After dining with my family and my driver, Donald, in Milford I drove home to ready myself for the weekend!

Thank you for being a part of my Miss America journey. Your love and support keep me fueled even on the not-so-wonderful days. Have a blessed evening!

With Love,


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