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Yes!!! I am blogging less than a year after my last post...this usually never happens so everyone better love this one.... : )

ps. I wrote that sentence 2 weeks ago when I originally wrote this blog.  Fail.  So this is PART 1 of 2 of recent appearances!

Sometimes, I just like to take a moment to take in everything that has happened to me in the past months.  Last December, I could barely believe my luck as I was named Miss Rehoboth Beach.  Now, as Miss Delaware, I cannot believe how blessed I am.  Everyday I have the wonderful opportunity to put a smile on someone's face.  How many people can say that they have a job like that?!

The last time I blogged, I was just coming back from Johnstowns, PA, after picking out my Miss America wardrobe from the Bridal Suite! YAY! : )

After I got back from the best shopping trip ever, it was right back to work!  The next day,  I was off to the Delaware Auto show where I got to sign hundreds and hundreds of pictures, help out the Delaware Department of Motor Vehicles and sit in fancy cars and act like I had 10 of them back home.  From there, I traveled to Harrington, DE, with one of my wonderful board members, George, to participate in the Rickshaw Races....for anyone that might not know what that is a visual....

 In the real race, I was NOT the horse...thank the Good Lord.

My "horse!"

Did we win?  Well....we didn't lose....

We had to race against at least 10 other teams.  Bets were placed to benefit Horse Lovers United!  What a fun event!!! : )

I had my first "student teaching" recently!  The "platform" of the Miss Delaware Organization is "Character Counts", a six pillar system which teaches school age children about respect, responsibility and so much more.  I had the opportunity to  speak to 6 different classrooms (over 300 kids!) at North Georgetown Elementary School.

SIDE NOTE :  I swear to you I am a 5 year old stuck in a 20 year old's body.  Case in point....

you get the idea....anyways...I love hanging out with kids.  Maybe it is because I get them and they get me...or maybe it is because I come from a family of seven kids and I had no choice but to love hanging around mass quantities of children....regardless, I had such a wonderful time!  Teaching young kids about respect for others at such an early age is crucial and hopefully, I affected them in some way.  While I ate lunch with them, I had to switch seats over 20 times to meet everyone and somehow managed to put my autograph on everything....books, notebooks, backpacks (also, black backpacks that hid my black, sharpie signed autograph...they didn't care...), casts for broken arms, milk name it, I signed it.....I live for moments like makes me want to be a kid again.  I cannot wait to continue my Character Counts teaching throughout all the schools in Delaware! : )

If I have a day with only one appearance and it makes me feel incredible after, imagine how I would feel after a day with 3 appearances back to back?  REALLY incredible...and wiped out! : )  One of these days started out with a car show in Maryland.  I have heard this state referred to as "God's Country..."  I am sure that the state of Maryland is absolutely beautiful, but so are the people.  I had such a blast meeting everyone and taking pictures.  Next, it was off to the Apple Scrapple Festival!!  Throw me in a place with food galore, 25,000 people and a couple of my board members and it's safe to say that I am in Maria Heaven! 

PS:  A HUGE thank you to my wonderful business manger, Susan, and her husband, Gene.  Gene had the maybe not so fun task of carting me from place to place.  Once they found out that I had a headache, I had an  Excedrin in my hands and then in my tummy in under ten minutes! You both are the best! : )

ANOTHER SIDE NOTE : Scrapple....who invented this?  It was not Einstein, that's for sure...Okay, I am not hating on Scrapple...well, not technically is just that I had it for the first time that day guess I am just not that into breakfast foods...

After the Apple Scrapple Festival, I met another board member, Chuck, to head off to a fancy Del Tech fundraiser!  Has anyone seen the movie "White Chicks"?  Yes, folks, I was auctioned off for a lunch, "White Chicks" style.  BOOYAH.  One of the things that I am really learning how to master is the art of networking.  Being Miss Delaware is really good for that sort of thing : )

The next day, I attended the second local pageant of the 2012 Miss Delaware year, Miss Wilmington and Miss Newark.  A huge congrats to Erin and Steph for winning their titles and also a special congrats to Morgan Burris, who won Miss Wilmington's Outstanding Teen on her first try!  Both having gone to Aquinas Academy, a school with under 100 kids K-12, it was very cool to see another title holder come from my tiny school!

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Special Olympics Fall Fest!  Working with the Special Olympics has been one of my favorite organizations to volunteer with for over 6 years, so I loved being able to take it to a new level with my crown and sash!

Please check out the utter "bro-ness" of the picture below...especially the storm trooper to the right of me...

Stay chill and may the force be with you!
Maria Cahill

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.”
Galatians 5:22-23

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