Thursday, October 13, 2011

SAY "NO" (mis)adventures...

"This is going to be such an adventure!!!"

It is usually at this point in time where one would tend to knock on such luck for me...
I had just come from an appearance where I danced and spoke at a senior center.  There was a photo booth there, so I spent half the time taking funny pictures with the residents there...typical, really...I was excited for the afternoon because I was going to meet my Executive Director, Debi, in Wilmington. We were to drive to The Bridal Suite of Johnstown, PA, to shop for my Miss America gown and the rest of my wardrobe!

When my sister finally dropped me off in Wilmington, the first thing I said to Debi was, "This is going to be such an adventure!"  Five seconds later, we were sitting in the car....which had decided to have a dead battery...that is when I realized we really were in for an adventure...just not the kind that I was thinking of.

Luckily, we were parked in front of the AAA Building where another one of my board members works.  PHEW!  He came right away bringing the BEST person ever with him...CHRIS!!!! Chris, who also works for AAA, made phone calls for a half hour, looking the closest person on duty to bring us a new battery!  Thank you SO much, Chris! We would have been lost (or at least there until 8pm) without you!!  I am getting my AAA membership it possible to request a particular person for all my troubles?  Hope so...

After finally getting on the road a couple hours later, we started our almost 5 hour drive to PA!  Even though traffic really slowed us down, I felt a lot better after my Number 1 - Big Mac Meal, no pickle, large lemonade, large fry...

SIDENOTE : McDonald's Monopoly gets me EVERY time!!!!! It is not my fault I want to win one million dollars....

After being stuck in "Penn State Homecoming/jack-knife tractor trailer accident" traffic for another couple of hours, it is safe to say we were both happy to arrive at our hotel.  It may have been almost 4 hours later...but we made it there in one piece with our tummies full!

The next morning, it was up early to eat breakfast at Eat N' Park with Ronnie and Deborah of the Bridal Suite of Johnstown!!

ANOTHER SIDENOTE : Wearing almost six inch heels to Eat N' Park not only gives you a great view of the entire restaurant, but it also warrants some strange looks from everyone eating....

After a wonderful breakfast, it was off to gown shopping!  I owe a HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to The Bridal Suite of Johnstown, PA, for helping me pick the most STUNNING wardrobe I could ever have imagined!  They were so kind and generous to me; it was really incredible.  Yes, I now have my Miss America gown, but it is a surprise!! If you want to see it, along with my other pieces, I am having my Miss America sendoff party at Dover Downs on December 11th!  It's going to be a everybody had better go...!!  All I will tell you is that this dress will make you pass out...that is how beautiful is it!!!  I was SO incredibly happy with my experience at The Bridal Suite!  If anyone is looking for any sort of pageant or prom wardrobe, I would go straight to The Bridal Suite of Johnstown, PA.

visit :

or call 814.266.6924 and ask for Ronnie!  It is worth it!  Can't wait to share my Miss America wardrobe with everyone! :))

RONNIE!!! What a wonderful help she and Deborah were!

After such a wonderful day, I thought the ride back would be just as easy...wrong.  Halfway back, we realized that we were not going to the "home" place that we had entered into the GPS.  My director, Debi, said "my eyes are bugging out of my head and I don't know what home I am going too!!!"  Two hours later...we pulled into her driveway...

Needless to say, it was an adventure....and a memorable one at that!

Stay chill, find a "Chris," and go on adventures,
Maria Cahill

"suffering produces perseverance and perseverance produces character and character produces hope."
-Romans 5:3-4

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