Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Winter Wonderland in...Spring?

After having a few days off (thank you snow!!), I'm all cozy in my sweatpants, cup of tea in hand, and ready to update you on all that I have been up to! It's hard to believe that yet another month has passed!..we're into March already! St. Patty's Day is just around the corner.

In mid-February, I joined the Governor in celebrating National Salute Week to show our appreciation for the great things that our Veterans have done for our country. We visited the patients in the Veterans Hospital in Elsmere, chatted with the staff about the facility, and even joined some of the Veterans at a little lunch party that they were holding. There just happened to be a piano in the room too, so someone asked me to play. I always have to be prepared for anything..performances inluded! We had a great time visiting and celebrating!

Then I was off to the Corpus Christie School in Wilmington to present for Character Counts. I typically make these presentations to 2nd and 3rd graders, so naturally, when browsing through my planner, I just assumed that the presentations were for those grades. The night before, I happened to notice a line in my agenda that read "5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th" under the headline "Corpus Christie School." I couldn't believe it! That important detail went completely unnoticed until the night before. I couldn't very well speak to 8th graders the way I would speak to a 2nd grade class, so I came up with new ideas and examples. The next day, on very little sleep, I arrived at the school ready to present to the 5th-8th graders! The presentations went very well! and once they got warmed up, I had a great amount of participation from the students..which can be difficult at times with middle-schoolers.

That weekend, the Miss Delaware's Outstanding Teen orientation took place. I spoke briefly with the contestants about my experiences at Miss Delaware and Miss America, and I gave them a little advice that I thought would help them feel comfortable at the pageant. I'm so excited to see who my new "little sister" will be, but I will miss having Mandie around!! We are in the process of choosing a song for our joint performance at the pageant (she dances while I play the piano). I can't wait!! We were actually supposed to rehearse today, but the snow kept me from leaving the house! (Can we say CABIN FEVER? hehe). Anyway, we are going to have a fantastic pageant in late March for the Miss Delaware's Outstanding Teen contestants!!! They are a great group of girls!! That night, I joined all of the contestants, their families, and the MDOT board members for a fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings!! It was so nice to just sit back, relax, chat, and eat with everyone. All of us have such hectic schedules; it isn't too often we all get to be together at once!

The next week, I was greeted by oodles of pre-schoolers and kindergarteners at the Little School for dental presentations. Afterall, February is Children's Dental Health Month!! I actually went there with Dr. Sean, one of my bosses at the dental office, and Jen, a dental assistant who will be a first-year dental student at Temple in the fall!! (So excited for her!!!!)! We had a blast! I always enjoy the responses from all of the children. One little girl said that the dental masks are worn "so that you don't smell the bad breath." haha Normally we get the "germs" answer, but hers was just as good!

Later that week, I went to the Southern Lights of Life event that benefits Breast Cancer Awareness. I had volunteered at the event back in high school, but had not been back since then. I dressed up in my powder pink cocktail dress and sold the "lucky ducks" for $10 a piece (or 3 for $25 hehe). Before the dinner even started, all of the duck-selling teams sold out completely! The silent auction and duck-selling were very successful! Then it was onto the dinner..that's when I got to kick back and relax!! The volunteers had already eaten before the event started, so is was our downtime. Before dinner was even over though, I was pulled backstage to help show the live auction items. These ranged from bikes, to signed footballs, even a mo-ped!! They had it all! I had so much fun walking the runway with all of those prizes. The last time I walked the runway at Dover Downs was when I was crowned Miss Delaware!! Oh, the memories :) After the Live Auction came the Fashion Show. The models were all Breast Cancer Survivors and they looked absolutely stunning!! I could tell that they were having so much fun too! What an experience that was! All of their family members and friends were in the audience cheering them on as they walked down the runway!! One of the models was a teacher of mine in high school; GO MRS. THOMAS!!!!

That weekend, I took off the crown and went to...a Baby Shower!!! It seems like half the ladies in our dental office are pregnant, so what more would you expect than a handful of baby showers? Ashley's shower was so much fun! She looked so happy to see everyone, and her cake was beautiful; Hailey had a great time helping her mom open presents, and everyone got to visit with eachother! I could really get used to these baby showers!..good thing, because I have another one in a couple weeks!

Last week, in the spirit of I love to Read Month, I read to a couple kindergarten classes at Fairview Elementary in Dover. I read "The Rainbow Fish." They seemed to like it and had a bunch of questions for me afterwards. One child asked if my sash had real diamonds...I jokingly said to the teacher "they're real rhinestones!," but I told the student that they were jewels hehe.

The next day brought another dental presentation! I went to Lake Forest North to present to second graders. From dental office items like masks and gloves, to dental-related experiments and games, the kids had a great time learning! We cut into good foods like apples and then cut into bad foods like Carmello Bars to show what is left on the knife afterwards...resembling the amount of food that sticks on your teeth. We brushed hard-boiled eggs, that had soaked in coke, with toothpaste to show what brushing does for your teeth. We even played a question and answer game with my Sandbag Toss!

The next morning came sooner than later! I was up in Wilmington at Darley Road Elementary to participate in the Dr. Seuss event, in honor of his (then) upcoming Birthday. I went in with the idea that I would be reading, but quickly found out that I was actually performing!..again I say, be prepared for anything! It went very well! and after the assembly, I went around with my second grade teacher, Mrs. Aldridge, to visit the classrooms in the school. It was great to see her again!!

After that, I left to go south to the McIllvine Early Child Center to read to the kindergarteners. Because Dr. Seuss' birthday was close, I read "Green Eggs and Ham." I had them share something that they didn't think they would like until they tried it! I got answers like broccoli, cupcakes, carrots, and even brushing teeth! One student asked me how my crown stays on..so I shared my little secret with them hehe. The last class invited me to their room to join them for a birthday party. I ate cupcakes and veggies with them, and somehow managed to fit into their chairs!!

As most of you know, it started snowing on Sunday, so my Monday and Tuesday events were cancelled. The rest of this week should probably get back to normal..as long as the ice melts! As quickly as the snow came though, it will soon dissipate. Our Winter Wonderland in the Spring is just another example of our unpredictable Delaware weather! One of Delaware's many surprises.

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