Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Picking up from where I left off last week, I was able to visit North Dover Elementary School in Dover for their Super Science Day! Being a Biology major and science nerd, I was really excited to have fun with the kids for an event like Super Science Day. My duties for the day revolved mainly around my Dental Presentations, something I absolutely love doing. I was presenting to the kindergarteners and the 2nd grade! The classes were great audiences and the kids seemed to have a good time.

The following day, I embarked on countless stops around Kent County with Bob. We were looking for Door Prize donations and Hole Sponsors for our Miss Delaware Golf Tournament, and were very successful! If you're a golfer, or know one, we are having a Miss Delaware Golf Tournament on May 20 at Jonathans Landing in Magnolia. All proceeds benefit our scholarship fund!!! I might even be playing (oh boy..). Sadly, I worked at a golf course for years and still don't know how to golf! I'm working on it though..

This past weekend brought a whole slew of pageant outings! I was at the Miss Delaware's Outstanding Teen (AKA my little sister :D ) rehearsal in the afternoon, and then shot up to Philadelphia with George to attend the Miss Philadelphia pageant! Their director, Kevin, was one of my judges at Miss Delaware so I must say, I'm a fan!! Congratulations to Ryan, the new Miss Philadelphia! She and the other 15 contestants did a great job and offered a high level of entertainment with their talent presentations!! I was also able to reunite with Kendria, Miss Pennsylvania, and Julia Rae, Miss Pennsylvania's Outstanding Teen! Both are beautiful ladies and I always enjoy bumping into them!! We got to sit next to eachother down in the front row and updated eachother on our travels. Kendria had just been vacationing in Florida!..SO jealous!!!

I also got to meet John Bolaris!! He is a four-time Emmy Award Winner for his work as a Meteorologist and show host! He was very friendly, and was kind enough to take a picture with me. Along with John is the owner of Bec-Fin, the epitome of "fine dining." The restaurant is located in Philadelphia and holds long-standing awards from Mobil Five Star and AAA’s Five Diamond. Georges Perrier was very nice and invited me to come dine at his well-known Bec-Fin. Hopefully I'll be able to head up there sometime soon!!!

Sunday morning came way to soon!..seeing as I got home very late the night before from the Miss Philadelphia pageant. Regardless, I was up early, loaded up my car with gowns and cocktail dress, curling irons, hairspray, various lipsticks, jewelry to match each dress, my crown and sash, and many other "necessities" for the evening, stopped for the usual Some Guy's whole-wheat-double-toasted-with-a-little-bit-of-butter-bagel, and was on my way down to Georgetown for the Miss Delaware's Outstanding Teen 2009 pageant!..the crowning of my new little sister!

The morning was much less stressful for me than for the 19 contestants, as they had interviews very early, and anticipation of the pageant all day! I was so excited for them! and to perform with MY teen, Mandie Debus. I performed the "Feather Theme" from Forest Gump as she danced effortlessly across the stage. I can't wait to see the dvd of the performance! However, I must admit that my desire to never watch the dvd of the rest of the night may prevent me from ever seeing our joint performance. I will explain. Aimee and I were co-emcees for the evening and in our dressing room beforehand, we talked about how we always plan our filler when we have to emcee. We both stated that we always prepare more filler than we could ever need and then we proceeded to coordinate our filler so we would have seamless transitions if time needed to be (bought?) purchased? hah. The whole pageant went very smoothly with filler being needed only when the piano had to be moved on and off the stage. Later in the evening, I came back-stage early after a dress-change and heard Aimee talking about something semi-random, will you. I asked Kyle if she was buying time and he said "Yes, I think the computer crashed." I decided to help a Miss Delaware Sister out and go buy time with her..trying to keep the attention of the audience as they anxiously awaited the results of the entire competition, all the while the contestants smiling (probably painfully at this point) endlessly on stage. Aimee and I were blowing through our planned filler topics pretty quickly, and then noticed that the contestants were now exiting the stage (not supposed to happen since we were supposed to be announcing the Top 5). Time was passing ever so slowing as the audiences eyes stared into ours, the spot light shining down like a heated beam illuminating only the two of us, and the auditors scrambling down below the stage as they tried to resolve whatever problem/glitch had occured. Well as you know, the pageant community is very tight-knit and so talking about myself or my platform is almost like playing a broken record..they've already heard it!! I just kept thinking..calm, cool, and collective..just chat with Aimee..but we continued to run out of things to talk about. Mandie joined us, but again, we had already used our fillers, talked about Miss Delaware, Miss America, Countdown to the Crown, couldn't think of any jokes, advertised for our upcoming events, recognized the titleholders in the audience, announced the 50/50 winner, announced the Silent Auction Winners..and still..STILL, no Top 5!
Finally, at some point, I saw someone walking toward the stage with what appeared to be an envelope, so we talked for a couple more mintues while the contestants came back out onto the stage and..ON WITH THE SHOW! Whew!! Do you see why I may never watch that dvd?..my most dreadful and embarassing emceeing job. At least I wasn't alone, I suppose.
The end result?..Danielle Marshall is my new Miss Delaware's Outstanding Teen! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!

So after a very long weekend, and nightmare of an emceeing situation, I got to sleep in on Monday!..ha ha ha NOT!!! hehe I was down in Georgetown by 9am to travel all around Sussex County with Melanie collecting more Hole Sponsors for our Golf Tournament. We were very successful, but Sussex County is much more spread out than the other two counties in Delaware, so it took longer to reach less businesses. It was so much fun getting to know her though!..oh the stories!!

Today? Very similar to yesterday. I was with Bob traveling all over Kent County again getting my sponsors for the Golf Tournament. As usual, we started getting pretty tired after lunch but continued until we had reached all 35-40 businesses that we had planned on approaching today!

I'm just getting ready for a busy day tomorrow. Piano performances and Children's Miracle Network Telecasts..should be fun!

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Galen-This made me crack-up when I read it. It wasn't really funny when it was happening but in hind sight at least we can laugh. Yikes...what a day!


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