Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Delaware Bride-Bridal Expo

This must be the time for weddings, because I have certainly been to my fair share of bridal shows. Here I am wearing a dress from Lady's Image. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Mrs. Delaware America was going to be joining me as well. I had not met her before this point and she is an absolute doll!

Amanda Shepard and I had a great time mingling with the crowd. There were a ton of vendors and a very entertaining fashion show to keep the brides-to-be excited.

I hung out at the entrance for a while to welcome the guests and hand out some coupons. During the fashion show Amanda and I had to return the diamond necklaces we were wearing for Orly Diamonds. While we were doing that, we were graciously offered some of the flower arrangements on display. I thought this one was really cute and small so I decided to bring it home with me. Beautiful and springy isn't it??

The flowers were arranged by Petal Pushers. I thought that was an adorable name for a business. You should check them out!

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