Thursday, March 25, 2010

Federation Day

The Delaware Federation of Women's Club hosted a Federation Day luncheon and auction at the lovely Harrington Casino. It was a huge success thanks to the many volunteers that took their time and effort to getting it all together, and that includes Mr. Chuck Ivans and Mrs. Trish Rodriguez (Left and Right respectively in photo above).

I was asked to start off the luncheon with singing our National Anthem and then entertain with a few songs before the auction. So, of course, I sang music from none other than my favorite fifties country star, Patsy Cline. I sang "Crazy", "She's Got You" and "Walkin' After Midnight". After we were done jamming out to some Patsy Cline, the women began their live auction of over 90 items!

For those of you that may not know what these women do year round, I'd like to take a moment to inform you. I had not realized all of the work they put in to helping those in need. They put on fundraisers and community service events to raise money for charities that benefit our state and country. There is even a national convention that many of them attend to represent the work that has been accomplished in our state/country thanks to them.
As I go through my year as Miss Delaware, I find more and more examples of good citizenship that I never knew existed in our lovely state. We may be small, but our people are powerful. I've seen community service represented by all ages and it puts a smile on my face. It is rewarding to know that I have played a part in the process of volunteering, and that I am able to experience it with so many people.

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