Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blue/Gold Basketball Game

At the Bob Carpenter Center, the Best Buddies of Delaware hosted their annual Blue Gold Basketball game. I was honored that they requested me to sing the National Anthem. My good friend, and former Miss Delaware contestant, Lauren Stevenson works for Best Buddies. She introduced me to a couple of her buddies before the game began.

I had the pleasure of meeting John and Renee while they were finishing up their pizza. We talked about school and things they enjoy doing with their time. I even learned that John has several suits in a variety of colors! I'd love to see some of them! After they finished eating, they were sent to their respective teams, Blue or Gold, to get ready for team introductions. After all of the players were announced, along with the buddies that were their captains, I sang the National Anthem.

It is always nice to have the colors presented while I sing. I think that it is an incredible tribute to our country and those who serve it. Unfortunately, I could not stay for the entire game. But it was wonderful to be at the event and see how many supporters came out for it.

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