Friday, November 23, 2012

Basketball games, Pageants, and Parades!

Hey everyone, happy black Friday. While all of you shoppers are getting elbowed in Wal-Mart, I'm snuggled up on my couch blogging, no complaints here. I will be heading to the gym later, but I guarantee a training session with Paul is much less painful than trying to hit the mall today. Anyway, back to Miss Delaware life, since I know that's what y'all want to hear!

 I was fortunate enough to emcee the Little Miss Millsboro pageant. I had a blast getting to spend time with all of the contestants and watching their talents, which ranged from hula-hooping, to cheerleading, to singing. Katie Favinger won over the judges singing "My Country 'Tis of Thee," and I was able to crown her the new Little Miss Millsboro. I can't wait to see Katie at parades and events throughout the year!

I have a confession to make: I am terribly uncoordinated and unathletic. I've always been more of an artsy type, I have always excelled in music, I play 5 instruments, I sing, and I dance. Sports, however, have never been my thing. I swam in high school, but I was never great, and the one time I tried to play soccer wasn't pretty. I don't think I ever actually hit the ball off of the tee in Tee Ball, and I was always picked last in gym class. Having said that, when I got an offer to play basketball with the Harlem Wizards, there was no way I was turning it down. I spent the morning at Frederick Douglass Elementary School in Seaford, DE at assemblies for the children. I was pleasantly surprised when the player, DP, who was running the assembly serenaded me with "Call Me Maybe," and even though at that point we had not spoken, I knew we would get along just fine! I should have worn more comfortable shoes, I had no idea I would be doing the wobble, Gangnam Style, and the Dougie. After a visit to the school nurse, DP and I walked around to all of the classrooms, spending time with the children and getting them excited for the game that night. I hauled back to my hometown of Selbyville to be in our Halloween parade at 7, then was back at Seaford by 8, nothing short of a miracle, to play basketball with the Wizards. I use the term "play basketball" very loosely, as I never actually made contact with the ball and spent most of the time running up and down the court and begging the other Seaford Stars NOT to pass me the ball. I did, however, dance and sing on the court, and put on a pretty funny show for the spectators.

Parades are probably my favorite appearances, mainly because I usually get to sit on the back of a car and smile. Also because my driver, Donald is the bomb. Recently I've been in the Selbyville Halloween parade, Milford's Halloween parade, Return's Day in Georgetown, and the ABC and Dunkin' Donuts Parade in Philadelphia! 

I have to elaborate on Return's Day, because I was fortunate enough to have met our Vice President, fellow Delawarean and Blue Hen, Joe Biden. I was honored that he took time out of his day to chat with me about Miss America, UD football, and other mundane topics. Before this becomes a forum for political debate I must say, whether or not you voted for VP Biden, as Americans we must respect his office and the service he is giving to our country. I performed a dance outside, on the asphalt, in the 30 degree weather, in a teeny tiny little costume, and after I warmed up, I got to ride through the parade. I later found out that I actually won the "Beauty Queen" category of the parade, so all in all it was a pretty successful day!

The ABC Thanksgiving Parade in Philadelphia was televised, and I was lucky enough to share a float with Miss America, Miss NJ, and Miss PA! There was even a close up of me, (I'd like to thank the academy.) No seriously though, I got to hang out with my Miss America sisters, Miss America herself, AND All 4 One, the boy band (fangirl moment.) Luckily I have an awesome Mommy who recorded the parade so I could watch our float and see Laura, Miss America sing, as well as my Miss Delaware pageant sister, Morgan Burris sing! Morgan is Miss Delaware's Outstanding Teen, and she was asked to sing in the parade, so now I'm just waiting until she's super famous so I can say I knew her when. She never fails to blow me away every time she performs!

I also had an incredible time at Collabagala, a James Bond themed event to raise money for 10 different very deserving charities. I spent time being a Bond Girl on the red carpet with Maria, Miss Delaware 2011, and then we tore up the dance floor with our friend Mike from best buddies. We had a blast and they raised a ton of money for some great causes!

I'm compiling most of the photos from recent appearances into one big slideshow for your viewing pleasure. 

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