Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall Festival and Meals on Wheels

This past Saturday rounded out my busy weekend with two great events. First, I went to the Fall Festival in Milford to work the Miss Delaware Booth for a few hours with my mom and Georgeann. We were raffling off a harvest basket that was really nice! I walked around with Georgeann for a while and signed autographs while I tasted various samples of desserts and other food being sold. All in all I think it was successful! I saw a lot of familiar faces, which is always nice.

Later that evening I went to the first annual Kent County Meals on Wheels fundraiser and auction at the Agricultural Museum in Dover. It was a wonderful event! The place sold out! The food was amazing and the variety was impressive. There were silent auction items ranging from tickets to an Eagle's or Phillies' game to pieces of jewelry and golf trips. I even got to model one of four live auction pieces which was an emerald and diamond necklace. It was beautiful and sold for $800!!!

getting ready for the auction

The winners!

I met a lot of people that night. It is always interesting to me how easy it is to just talk to people. At events like this, my job is to talk to as many people as possible and do my own networking for possible future events. It can seem overwhelming at first, but once I get there I become at ease. Most of the time people come to me and strike up a conversation, but other times I just have to walk right up and start my own conversation. It really helps me work on speaking extemporaneously, which is always helpful come time for interview. I can't express enough how touched I am by the support events like this receive. Thank you Debi for getting me involved in the evening's activities.

Chuck Ivins and me

Mr. and Mrs. Gibson and me

Ray Ianni, his son, and me
Till next time...

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Miss Newark 2010 said...

You look gorgeous Heather! You make a fantastic representative for Delaware, and I love reading about your adventures!

<3 Carly

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