Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I know it has been a while

The winners!

The Mayors of both sides of Delmar, MD and DE

riding on the back of Denny's mustang

The last couple weeks have been busy busy busy! I still have more to come this week but I thought I should update you some so that you aren't overwhelmed with reading everything all at once. September 20th was the 150th Birthday Celebration for the city of Delmar. It was a week packed with events, but I only made it to Sunday to help kick it off. It started with a parade through the city, where I rode on the back of a beautiful mustang convertible. Then we all gathered under the tent for opening remarks by the mayor of Delmar for Maryland and the mayor of Delmar for Delaware. The chief of police actually told me that Delmar's police force is the only one left that has jurisdiction in two cool is that! Then I was able to judge the Little/Miss Delmar Fire Prevention pageant which is a preliminary pageant to the Delmarva Fire Prevention Pageant. It was a tough job! Go figure why I enjoy competing...then somebody else has to judge! Jolene was wonderful to work with and everyone in the town was so welcoming and they were all excited to have me celebrate with them.

The cutest part of the whole day was when I opened my judges gift bag to find a button inside. It wasn't just any button. It was a button to exempt me from the cosmetic rule. Let me explain... 150 years ago, the women in Delmar did not wear make up and the men all had beards. So the rule for the day was if a policeman caught a women wearing make up or a man clean shaven they could be "arrested" and fined $10. Now you could purchase this button for $5 allowing you to get away with it. But if you chose not to spend the $5 you could end up being fined $10. So that was one of my gifts for judging. If you look closely in my picture you'll see what I'm talking about!

about to judge-wearing my button!

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