Saturday, November 21, 2009

Caesar Rodney Homecoming Weekend

Having graduated from Caesar Rodney High School, I was honored to ride in their homecoming day parade. Unfortunately it was raining and I could not wear my crown, but everyone was just as excited to see me. Even though I was not in my typical red corvette for this parade, I was thrilled to be able to ride in Jonathan's 2005 black mustang. All of the students loved his car. I am pretty sure that I am in constant competition with the cars I ride in for parades, because the little girls love seeing the princess but the boys love the car and could care less who was in it haha!

Photo By Dave Chambers
After the parade I was asked to sing the anthem before the football game. Even though it was raining there was still a large crowd. That is true school spirit! Thank you Mr. McCarthy for inviting me to sing, it definitely brought back some great memories.

The next day was Rider Pride day. It was a time where people throughout the community were able to visit the high school and look at several exhibits for local schools and businesses. I believe there was even a petting zoo, which I was unfortunately not able to see. From the moment I placed the crown on my head in the restroom, I had people coming up to me for autographs and pictures. It is nice to see so many people excited to see Miss Delaware.

As I made my way to the gymnasium to find Principal Knight, I was welcomed by another huge crowd of students and family members. A line began to fill up the hallway as I tried to sign photo cards for everyone and take pictures. I felt like a celebrity! Finally Principal Knight found me and led me to the table where I would be signing autographs in front of the gym. I saw several old friends and made a few new ones. A little boy came up with his sisters for my photo card and he had to have only been a few years old. He had the biggest smile on his face. Even after his sisters said goodbye and left with their photo cards he tried to stay. When his family was leaving to head out to their car he looked back at me and smiled one more time. He was quite the little flirt!

I had a blast that weekend and it was wonderful to be a part of such a big event at the high school I attended. Thank you Mrs. Knight for including me!

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