Friday, November 20, 2009

End of October

Several events happened at the end of October. There was the Rehoboth Seawitch parade and the Milford Halloween parade. As well as Run for the Buds and the Special Olympics Fall Festival.
The Rehoboth Seawitch parade is a long standing Halloween tradition in southern Delaware. The parade starts with any kids in costumes that want to walk in the parade, and literally there are hundreds of them! They are followed by floats and cars decked out in costumes and elaborate decorations. Donald and I were placed between the Adam's Family (playing the theme song from their car) and Michael Jackson (playing Thriller the whole time). Needless to say we were experts at those two pieces by the end of the parade!
The Milford Halloween parade was wonderful. I saw Miss Milford Kristina Maynard there and even had Donald's granddaughter Taylor ride in the car with me! It is always great to have some company during the parade. There were so many people there! I had no idea it was such a big event. It was nice to see some familiar faces down the parade route. Thanks Taylor for coming with me!
I was also invited to the first annual Run for the Buds 5K at the Wilmington Riverfront. The Best Buddies organization and Lauren Stevenson did a fantastic job at providing games for the kids that were there and inviting Rocky from the Blue Rocks and the Chic-Fil-A cow to interact with the kids. We did a few dances to warm up before the run, and even though it began pouring down rain the runners were ready to go. After a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem, the participants and I walked over to the starting line and after I gave the go ahead and sounded the alarm they were off! It was great being able to share the experience with Miss Delaware Teen USA, Kelsey Miller.

Run for the Buds, Rehoboth's Seawitch parade, and the Special Olympic's Fall Festival all happened the same day. It was a busy day, but I was able to meet so many new and interesting people that it was well worth it. The Fall Festival was at the University of Delaware's Field House and had volleyball, bocce, and running as the competitions for the day. I was able to dance with some of the participants in between their games, and I helped hand out their medals with a few local law officers as the top teams were announced. I made several new friends at the Fall Festival and it has been one of my most rewarding experiences as Miss Delaware.

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