Sunday, January 17, 2010

Miss Delaware Send Off Party!

Thank you to everyone that made my send off such an extraordinary event! I was trying my best not to cry and get all caught up in my emotions and it did not take long for me to tear up. There were several other people I wanted to thank, that were a huge influence throughout my journey to Miss America. (some I may have thanked already..)

First and foremost it is important that I thank God for all that he has blessed me with this year. I know that everything happens for a reason and I cannot imagine what reason he may have for why he chose to honor me with the title of Miss Delaware. The last 6months have been unforgettable, and He has helped me so much along the way.

Photo By: Dave Chambers
Next, I want to thank my family (Mom, Dad, Allison, Josh, Carrie, and Jonathan..we'll include you in family). You guys have been there for me every step of the way. You let me vent at home when I needed to, cry when I needed to, and shared all of the excitement I experienced with every new appearance. You never once let me down or told me you couldn't help me with something. You all completely understood where I was at, and it takes fantastic loving people like yourselves to do all of that with a smile everyday.

My Miss Delaware Board! What can I say but thanks! You allowed me to be myself and choose EXACTLY what I wanted to wear at Miss America. You trusted my judgment and never doubted me for one second. You helped me to perfect everything that needed tweaked a little, and complimented all that I had to offer the organization time and time again. Your support is so meaningful, and it was great to see each of your faces when I came out in my wardrobe...I knew I made the right choices then.
My lil' sis, Danielle Marshall, MDOT 2009. You are the best! I have never had a younger sibling before, but if I could ask for one it would be you! I love you so much and you have always been a huge supporter of me. You family has consistently told me how confident they are in me and how proud they are as well. I have cheerished every appearance we have had together and I will remember to remain bubbly all throughout Miss America!

My friends, I am soooooooooooo lucky to have friends like all of you. You always understood when I could only hang out on a certain day for a certain alotted amount of time. Each of you shared this exciting journey with me, and never made me feel left out for not being there to share a moment with you guys this year. I know we will continue right where we left off.

GNP ( thank you so much for my banner!!! It looks fantastic and everyone was asking who made it! Your timing was perfect, and your idea for how to design was stellar! If anyone needs anything printed on practically any object, you certainly need to contact GNP! Tell them I sent you.
Christina Gowns ( thank you very much for sponsoring my evening wear and swimsuit shoes! They looked great and fit perfectly. I am very lucky to have such great support!
Last but not least, all of my support and Miss Delaware volunteers! You have been the people that have kept me lifted up. You have been the people that showed me I have been representing our state well, and that I will do Delaware proud at Miss America. All of my lovely gifts are much appreciated, and your kind words will be ringing in my ears as I go on that stage next week! If there was one specific moment that I could say I truly felt like a princess it would be at my Send Off. Thanks for all of the birthday wishes, too! Lets do this!!!!

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The Pageant Planet said...

Best of luck to you! I think that you are going to do great at Miss America!

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