Sunday, January 3, 2010

Snow Day in Delaware!

A couple weeks ago, Delaware experienced one of its worst snow storms in many years. In the little town of Magnolia, we managed to get about 20 inches of snow in about a 24 hour time period!!!! We don't even get that much in an entire winter sometimes! I thought I would share a little bit of the experience with you.

Here is me attempting to contribute by shoveling out the porch and sidewalk to the cars. At this time, I did not know so much snow would fall after I was done that it would look like I did nothing! You may be able to tell that I am not an avid shoveler, but nonetheless I got the job done.

I just had to post this picture because it completely cracked me up! You know those phrases that say " You know you're a 'blank' when you 'blank'"? Ok, well this is mine... "You know you're a pageant girl when you pose for a picture of shoveling snow and you immediately go into pageant stance." Not sure what I was doing, but clearly I was not shoveling snow.

Last but not least, I wanted to share all of my snow with you, so here's me waiving "hi" from Delaware...the snow state (I wish)!

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