Friday, January 8, 2010

What a great surprise!

When I went to Caesar Rodney High School, I played JV Girls Soccer my freshman and sophomore year under the coaching of Mr. Rathbun. Even after I switched over from soccer to theater, he still remained a huge supporter of me. I began competing in pageants my freshman year of high school, and starting that year, when I won Delaware's Junior National Teenager, I knew he was one of my biggest fans. Whenever I need a pick me up or ever think that what I am doing is not good enough, I end up running into to Coach R and instantly feel better.

After seeing him at the Caesar Rodney Homecoming Parade a few months ago, Coach R asked if he could do a small fundraiser for me to help with my Miss America expenses. I graciously accepted the idea and told him to stay in touch. A couple months after that I received one of the greatest phone calls! He called to say he had done a fundraiser and was able to raise nearly $300 for me!! You can imagine how excited I was to hear such great news. He had a couple of his classes along with his JV Girls Soccer Team, help him out in gathering the funds. Amazing!! Even better, when I went to formally accept the money in front of his classes, he surprised me with another $100, making that $400!

Every little bit helps and that was a huge help! It was nice to see support from people that have never even met me until now. Thank you very much to Coach R and his students, you have no idea how much you contribution will be remembered as I continue on my journey to becoming Miss America 2010!!

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