Thursday, August 25, 2011

All watermelon eating contests are NOT created equal.

WOWZERS!! I am way behind on blogging! Me, procrastinate? Never! .....

The past couple of weeks have been pretty insane...surprise, surprise.  I had an appearance at the Georgetown Festival of Hope.  This appearance was INCREDIBLE.  I got to meet SO many people, especially kids.  I came in 2nd place in a watermelon eating contest...second to an older gentleman who kept looking at me and laughing into his watermelon because 1. I was funny looking or 2. I was just entertaining while I shoved watermelon in my face.  I feel that coming in second should either win me free food for a year or at least earn me a silver medal...although I would prefer the former...

Sidenote - I like watermelon.  I really do.  I like eating it. I like smelling watermelon scented things.  I like spitting the seeds out at people. When someone asks me to join a watermelon eating contest, I get very excited.  I did a contest like that at the Delaware State Fair and ate that piece of watermelon as fast as I could.  This time, I expected my enthusiasm to be the same....UNTIL......I found out that this contest, instead of eating one piece of watermelon the fastest, it was to see who could eat the most watermelon in 5 minutes.........UHHHH.....

 How I looked before the contest....

How I looked after......

  At the Festival of Hope, I met this one little girl who gave me my first ever silly band (an elephant! YES!).  She came from an extremely bad home situation but was still so incredibly optimistic.  She gave me one of her bracelets so I would not forget her.  Talk about something tugging at your heart strings!!!  I just wanted to take her home, especially when I went to leave and she hugged me for a good couple of minutes and wouldn't let me go.

 Right after the festival, I drove to Milford where I was able to emcee the first pageant of  the season with the wonderful and talented, Bliss Soucek.  I crowned Chelsea Betts and Alyssa Murray (love you both!)   I was so proud of both of them! One pageant down, a million more to go! 

The next morning I was off to Cape Henlopen High School to speak at the Free to Breathe 5k walk/run (or in my case, a "sit there and watch"...). It is extremely inspirational to meet people who are so passionate about fighting lung cancer.  The stories of how their families have dealt with lung cancer was very moving.  Afterwards,  I was supposed to go to a parade, but is was rained out!  BOO!  What to do instead?  Head to a diner with my driver, Donald!

The next day was a HUGE appearance for me!  For anyone that doesn't know, Extreme Home Makeover is in the middle of filming here in Delaware!!  I had the opportunity to Irish Dance in a fundraiser concert, hosted by Telly Leung ("Wes" of Glee who was also in "Rent" on Broadway) in front of so many people!  There were cameras filming and, while I am not sure if they will air this concert on television, be sure to check out upcoming episodes of Extreme Home Makeover on ABC (the same channel as Miss America....woot woot!!)  What a phenomenal experience!  Being Miss Delaware has opened up my life to so many fantastic opportunities!

1. My "DelawareToday"  magazine cover shot (and article) is on stands now.  Pick yours up today! (....that was my way of being super convincing...).
2.  If you reside in Mobile, Alabama, listen for me on the radio tomorrow!
3. Happy day-after Birthday to my now 14 year old brother, Jack.  What a bro.
4.  Thank you to Bill Sammons of 88.7 the Bridge for the book "Jesus Calling."  This is a wonderful book of daily devotions that I got a chance to read while co-hosting.  So glad to have a copy to call mine.  Thanks SO much again, Bill!
5. stay tuned to read about my trip to Florida and more! Check back in the next day or two to read about my experience at Miss America's Outstanding Teen!

Stay chill and never eat massive amounts of watermelon. EVER.
Maria Cahill

"But if I say, 'I will not mention him or speak any more in his name,' his word is in my heart like a fire, a fire shut up in my bones. I am weary of holding it in; indeed, I cannot."
Jeremiah 20:9

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