Thursday, August 11, 2011

Brrrrr it's cold in here! Must be a blizzard!

Hi.  A lot of exciting things have been happening!!!

A recap of my week so far, first?  Why, sure!

I had the great opportunity to attend the Delaware Electric Co-op with my business manager, Susan, and her husband, Gene.  When I was told this was going to be a large event, I had no idea that they actually meant HUGE.  It was just hours and hours of shaking hands, meeting adults and children, and taking pictures....and I LOVED every single minute of it.  These types of events, where I get to meet hundreds and hundreds of people, are the reasons that I love my job.

Sidenote - If you are 5'8'' and wear heels on top of that....that makes you incredibly tall....oh well. 

The good thing about high heels? The air is better up there...and you can see for miles.
The bad thing about high heels?  You are so tall that if it starts raining, it hits you first and you get soaked before anyone else. 

Eating fried chicken at the Co-op! :)
Photo courtesy of Dave Chambers

Thank you to Chuck for the earrings and bracelet and to Bliss for letting me borrow your dress :)

Me and Bliss :)

Today was Miracle Treat Day at Dairy Queen locations all around the country.  One dollar from every Blizzard sold went to Children's Miracle Network hospitals.  If you didn't get your Blizzard...shame on you.  Next time, get chocolate chip cookie dough like me!  YUM!  I went to the Middletown, DE,  Dairy Queen and got to meet people, talk about CMN and Miss America, and sign autographs.  The best part was talking to a man about Ireland (because it rules) and finding out that it was his birthday!  He told me that talking to me was the best birthday surprise he ever got.  The simple things, people...the simple things.

A lot of people I have been meeting have been commenting on the fact that they read about me in 'The Dialog.' For anyone that has not read that yourself...
---click on the box in the middle, then scroll down to the last page---
**One of the most heartwarming moments of my year so far was receiving a letter from a man who has a stepdaughter receiving spinal surgery.  He said he couldn't wait for her to be well enough to read my story.  I was completely touched and it makes me realize that there are people out there who appreciate what I am doing to spread the word about faith and family.  "I can do all things in Christ who strenghthens me..."

A HUGE SIDENOTE (that has nothing to do with anything) - Throughout this entire year, my goal is to show that not all pageant girls are the same.  I do things differently than most.  My goal is to appeal to the younger generation that might have a preconceived notion of pageants or the Miss America Organization.  We are fun and we eat (a lot), but we wear a crown, get scholarship money for education, and speak about things that we are passionate about.  So what if I crack a joke or ten?  If you can't tell by reading my blog....I refuse to take life too seriously.  It is just too short for that.   

Good golly, that was the most serious I have been in a long time....enough of that! 
 I have an AMAZING events coming up!


While many people have read it on facebook, I am going to be a part of Extreme Home Makeover!!!!!!!  I am going to be performing at the pep rally at Cape Henelopen High school!  It will be filmed as part of the episode featuring a family from Delaware!!  This is such a huge opportunity for me and for the promotion of the Miss America Organization and I absolutely cannot wait!  For anyone that wants to attend the pep rally (it's free!) or help volunteer in any way, visit​extreme/ for more info! :)

Other SWEET events coming up/in the works!

-- a clothing designer ( contacted me to help with their Delaware themed clothing line by putting my signature on their shirts! YEAH BUDDY!!! The project is still in the works, but it is AWESOME nonetheless!!

-- in talks to be on a radio show in Mobile, Alabama!!!

-- off to Orlando, Florida,  next week to root for Tori in Miss America's Outstanding Teen (and I am also filming for Miss America)!

--going to be in a full feature spread for Wilmington University magazine (shooting at the end of the month)

Last by not least...
Here are some of the pictures I promised from the Delaware State Fair!  Check out the rest on my facebook page!

Just kissing goats...

and holding chicks...

and riding bulls...

and making new friends along the way :)

Stay chill and eat cookie dough Blizzards (or just the cookie dough...),
Maria Cahill

"Either make the tree good, and his fruit good; or else make the tree corrupt, and his fruit corrupt: for the tree is known by his fruit."
- Matthew 12:33

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OMG your gonna be on extreme make over home dition!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay post what time its on tv ill try and find on nj tv. also post the last name like the jones family or simion family like the do one the show OMG so ecited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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