Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Maybe forgiveness is right where you fell...

I just had the biggest bowl of pasta.  I think I am going to roll away...

The last week has been so busy!!!!  After a few days off after the Delaware State Fair (pictures will be up this week.  Not just any pictures....EPIC pictures.), Hammertime began.

Sidenote- HammerTime is something I developed.  Because I am original.  Obviously.  It was desgined after the lightbulb went off in my head that my initials matched that of MC Hammer.  Since I am sure that he laid off the fast food, went to the gym twice a day, and had a six pack, I decided to name my workout plan, HammerTime. Please tell me that makes sense...if not....oh well....

PS. Hammertime is NOT fun. Nope.  No it is not.

While Hammertime was in full swing, I couldn't forget about my Miss Delaware duties.  I had a wonderful appearance for my safe driving platform.  I filmed a small PSA for one of the DMV offices (good thing I dressed cute) and got to talk to the people there about my platform and why it means so much to me.  One man approached me and said that his 16 year old was about to start driving and he was going to tell her my story to help her not text while driving.  Really incredible.

The next day, it was my radio cohosting debut on 88.7 The Bridge! I was excited and not excited for 3 reasons.

1. I LOVE this radio station.
2. My career goal is to get into broadcasting. Perfecto.
3. It gave me the chance to talk about my faith and family without people poo-poo'ing it.

NOT Excited:
1. I have a man voice.
2. I have a man voice.
3. I have a man voice.

Why, just why, would I want a career in broadcasting if I can't even answer the phone without people saying "Hi, Joe, is Maria there."  SIGH.  I am working on that.

ANYWAYS....regardless of the manly nature of my voice, I was extremely excited for this.  I was up and on the road to Milford around 4:30.  SNOOZE....too bad I like the smell of coffee and nothing else about it.  I really do wish I liked coffee....the cups are so cute!  Good thing I had my Angels and Airwaves mix (my favorite band of ALL TIME.)

Sidenote - How would you react if you were driving somewhere at 4:30 in the morning and the girl in the car next to you was belting out songs?  Would you be weirded out?  At least it was keeping me awake so....

I got to the studio for my 1st of two 6am-10am slots.  It was INCREDIBLE!  Thank you to the always amazing Bill Sammons for showing me the ropes and getting me off on the right foot!  For anyone that was ever wondering, yes, the walls are completely covered in egg crate styrofoam "stuff."  I wanted to run into the walls the entire time so I could prove that it wouldn't hurt, but that wouldn't be very professional would it...
I LOVED getting calls with questions and reading facebook comments on the 88.7 The Bridge fan page.  I got to talk about everything from Miss Delaware and Miss America, to family, faith, boys and dating (HA!).  It is honestly INCREDIBLE to hear and read what God has done in some people's lives.  Incredible.

Seriously, go to facebook and "like" 88.7TheBridge.  Literally, drop everything.  All the cool kids are doing it.... 

After the first day of cohosting, I was hooked....man voice and all.  I was then off to the LOVELY Sandy's  house.  One thing about my Miss Delaware Board of Directors...they take the best care of me and treat me like I was their own daughter.  I don't know what I would do without them!!  I had a wonderful day with Sandy, new board member (YAY!) Bliss, and Mamma K!  Thank you, Sweet Baby Jesus, for yummy crab soup!  And thank you Sandy for all the jewelry!!!!! :)  ....AND to my new "wardrobe sponsor," Bliss :)  I had such a wonderful time with all three of them!  It was off to bed early...not really...for round 2 of my radio debut!

The second day was even better!  I was used to how everything ran, and the fact that I was wearing headphones and speaking into a cool looking microphone!  I got to listen and read even more incredible stories about how God has affected so many people's lives!  What an incredible two days!!! So eye opening and heartwarming to hear people tell me that they are glad that someone stands up to a world that is trying to get rid of religion.  I have gotten so many letters and emails from different listeners, and to any of you who are reading this, I will get back to you!

Stay chill and listen to Angels and Airwaves (now.),
                      Maria Cahill

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

John 3:16

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Steffi said...

So perhaps I was a little late in reading this post, but when you said to stop everything to go on FB to "like" 88.7thebridge, I totally did. I should have known before that they had a page, but alas, the thought had not crossed my mind. :)

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