Monday, September 3, 2012

The MIS-adventures of Miss Delaware(s)

This week was an interesting one, in that I didn’t have any appearances. No, you didn’t read that wrong, it was a slow, relaxing week in the life of Miss Delaware. I took full advantage of it, spending a lot of time with my little sister, Remi, who is the funniest 8-year old child to ever roam this Earth. We had a sleepover, a beach day, and a movie night! I wish everyone could meet my sister, because she is quite a character. She marched to the beat of her own drum, to say the least, and she says the funniest things without even trying.
“Remi isn’t even a real name. I wish my name was Whitney…or Sprinkles.”
“I am sweating like a meatloaf.”
“I’m like a seal on wheels!”
This is why my sister is the greatest child ever to live.

Anyway, I also learned something about myself this weekend. I am a scaredy cat. Maria Cahill (Miss Delaware 2011) decided she wanted to come down to visit me and rent jet skis, something that’s on her infamous bucket list. We attempted to go out yesterday, in the pouring rain, but the second we sat down on the skis, thunder and lightning started and we were rescheduled for this morning. I was a little nervous, but I thought that once I was out on the water I would be fine. WRONG. It took me a solid 20 minutes on the jet ski to will myself about 15 MPH. Eventually I put the pedal to the medal and hit 50, yes 50 MPH. It ended up being a great time, and Maria has another thing to check off of her bucket list.

Maria and I being refined and distinguished.

After jet skiing I headed to Paul Timmons at The Firm in Rehoboth Beach, my official personal trainer for Miss America. The Firm has this tradition where you can earn a black shirt, but you can’t buy one. You have to push yourself beyond physical and mental exhaustion and rise to the challenge. I’m proud to say that today I earned mine today by doing a 65 lb overhead squat and loaded knee jump. Check out the video!!

All told, this week was exactly what I needed. Free time to think, relax, and hang out with my family and friends before the busy week I have ahead of me.

Until next time,

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