Friday, September 14, 2012

Skin Care Tips From Miss Delaware

As a pageant girl I often get questions about beauty, especially since my platform relates so closely to skin care! I won't deny it, I hit the genetic jackpot as far as skin, inheriting a nice average of the skin my family has. I got my Daddy's freckles and my Mom's resistance to sunburn as well as a generally balanced complection. This doesn't mean, however, that I don't take care of my skin! It is so important to take care of the largest organ on your body!

As far a facial care goes, it is important to take 4 steps each and every day: Cleanse, use a toner, moisturize, and wear sunscreen! You can save yourself a step by using a moisturizer with a built-in sunscreen, which is very common today. I recommend Artistry brand cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Artistry is a luxury skin care brand and their products have kept my face blemish-free and glowing since my first experience with the Miss America Organization in 2010. I use their balancing set as I have combination skin, but they also have phenomenal products for everything from oily skin, to dry skin, to aging skin. I then follow with a good sunscreen, Artistry recently came out with an SPF 50 facial lotion that I am dying to try (if anyone wants to get it for me for my birthday...) since it's hard to find a lotion with an SPF over 30. Before bed, I follow my cleansing routine with Artistry Creme Luxury Eye Cream, which was a very generous gift from the wonderful people at Artistry when I was in Orlando for Miss America's Outstanding Teen. 

A run-down of my daily routine:

Artistry Essentials Balancing Kit

Aveeno Positively Radiant SPF 30 moisturizer


Artistry Creme Luxury Eye Cream, AKA The BOMB

The single most important step of this whole process is sunscreen. If you only wear sunscreen for a day on the beach, you are opening yourself up for skin damage, premature aging, and most importantly skin cancer. Your skin is exposed to UV radiation every day, and the skin on your face is much more sensitive and prone to damage than skin anywhere else. If you're my age or younger, wearing sunscreen on a daily basis can not only save your life, but can prevent you from getting wrinkles, crow's feet, age and sun spots, and non-life threatening cancers such as carcinomas. If you've already begun to notice a decline in the condition of your skin and signs of aging, wearing sunscreen along with a good skin care regimen can delay, improve, and even reverse these problems. If there is one tip I wish for you to take from this post, it's:
Wear sunscreen every single day!

If you're interested in purchasing any Artistry products, you can find them here:

Sidenote: Artistry is a sponsor of the Miss America Scholarship Organization, so when you buy products from them, you are also making an investment in helping young women like me earn scholarship money! Artistry did not ask me to write this blog post, I just genuinely LOVE their products and I think everyone should give them a try!

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