Friday, October 2, 2009

Billiards Tournament at Dover Downs

Last Friday, during race weekend, Dover Downs held their usual Billiards Tournament. Some celebrities included: Brian Gurry host of American Builder (he was playing for MDSO), Katie Stam (our current Miss America), Russ from the Deadliest Catch (he won the whole thing!), Ryan Newman, Kasey Kahne, and Casey Mears just to name a few.

Bill and Linda Pusey came with me to the event with their friend Charlie. It was a pleasure to meet Charlie and to get to spend some time with Bill and Linda. Before the tournament started I was able to hang out in the waiting room where all of the players were hanging out. So naturally we took some pictures. Hopefully I can come across other pictures that were taken during that time because I know there were a few cameras flashing.

It was wonderful being able to see Katie Stam again and catch up a little during the event. She looked beautiful as always!

Every player was competing for a charity that they wanted to be able to donate funds to. Like I said earlier, Brian was the MDSO's player. He placed in second the last two years! He was doing a wonderful job and then unfortunately scratched as he put in the winning ball. I felt so bad! He completely dominated the game and then right at the end it didn't work out. We decided we should protest for a rematch...but we didn't.

It was a great event and I want to thank Dover Downs for inviting me to participate in it. It is amazing to see how much support the MDSO receives from places like Dover Downs. We cannot thank you enough!

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