Friday, June 4, 2010

Dover International Speedway-NASCAR weekend

I had a BLAST at the races here in Dover a couple weeks ago. One of my most memorable experiences by far. On Friday, I had the pleasure of waving the green flag for the NASCAR Truck Series. It was awesome!! They presented me with an honorary green flag to take home with all of the drivers' signatures on it. After that, it was up to the "bird's nest" for me. Let me tell's a good thing someone told me about getting a pair of ear plugs for while I was up there. I thought one car going around the track was loud! It's a whole different story when they are all going around at once.

They gave me a few practice waves before the race began. Boy is it windy up there! I held on to that flag as though my life depended on it. All I could think of was the fact that if I drop it the first caution would be my fault due to "debris" on the track (and I couldn't let that happen!). Once the race began and I successfully waved the green flag, they allowed me to stay up there for a couple of laps to watch the race from their point of view. It's a crazy feeling, but I wish I would've known to wear my sunglasses up there. Any dirt within the area flew right up and into my eyes. So, words of wisdom for anyone who could potentially have the opportunity to wave the flag, wear a pair of glasses!! The first accident happened a couple of laps into the race while I was still in the "bird's nest". To top it all off, it happened almost right in front of me! I was NOT ready for that. I grabbed the railing and turned around to thank them for their help up there, and as I did they asked me if I was all right. I frantically shook my head no and laughed as I slowly stepped down to safe grounds.

I had to miss Saturday's race, but I was able to make it back again for Sunday's. What a beautiful day we had! I had the wonderful company of my parade driver, Donald Tatman, and we walked all throughout the pit area until the opening ceremony started. I was asked to shake the hands of all of the drivers after they were announced before the race. I was able to meet Miss Sprint, along with former race car driver and legend Richard Petty. On Friday, I had the pleasure of meeting legend and former driver Bobby Allison.

Thankfully, I was able to grab a quick picture with some people behind the stage before everything got started (one of them being Dale Earnhardt Jr.).

Another person I was able to meet was the National Anthem singer, and famous country singer, Joe Nichols. It was great being able to experience the rush of NASCAR weekend to its fullest. A big thanks goes out to Dover Speedway for inviting me along, and another huge thanks goes out to Mr. Horsey for inviting me and Donald into his skybox for the day. A great weekend filled with lifelong memories!

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