Thursday, June 10, 2010

Miss Delaware 2010 Pageant Week

It has been off to a great start!

Monday was move in day for all of us. We brought all of our belongings to Dover Downs to spend a week there preparing for Miss Delaware. The day seemed to really fly by since we had our golf tournament taking up most of the day. Of course, I had to start summer session classes that same day at UD, so I moved in, went to class in Newark, then came down for the tournament. Towards the end of the tournament, the girls went back for rehearsals and I stayed for the dinner and auction. We had the marvelous Dave Wilson as our auctioneer and we made quite the team! After I was done at the auction, I drove back to Dover Downs for rehearsals.

Tuesday was Legislative Hall and Lonestar day for the contestants and me. We began with rehearsals, then we got ready and ate a fantastic lunch at Lonestar. After that we went to Legislative Hall where we introduced ourselves to the House, Senate, and Governor. In addition, I was able to present my official portrait to them so it can be on display during the week. We have such a supportive state! That night we had a pizza party with our Little Sisters that will be dancing with Katelynn and me to start off the preliminary shows and escort the contestants in evening wear. What an eventful day!

Wednesday was our McIlvaine appearance. In the morning we went to an all kindergarten school in my hometown of Magnolia. They called it "Reading with Royalty". Each one of us got a classroom to read a book to. I had a blast sharing my book "The Government Tree and Me" along with reading a classroom favorite. Immediately after that, I went back up to Newark for yet another summer class. When that was done, I came back and hopped into rehearsals. Wednesday night was dress rehearsals as well so we put on a full show. The girls met with their directors afterward, and then I was presented with my scrapbook courtesy of Linda Pusey and the Miss Delaware Board. It is a beautiful testimony to my year as Miss Delaware. We also received a copy of the Miss Delaware program book. It looks marvelous!! I am so honored to be a part of this organization.

Today is INTERVIEW DAY!!! I started the judges off with a warm up interview, and as I type contestants are going in and out of interview. This is the first time the judges are seeing each contestant so this first impression really counts! I am about to head off to class...again, and then back to Dover Downs for a run through of the show with Susan Powell. Tonight is the first night of Prelims so everyone is excited and nervous and ready to go.

more to come later...all my love,

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