Saturday, June 12, 2010

Final Page in Chapter One

This is my final posting as Miss Delaware 2009. Thank you so much to everyone that has supported me throughout the year. I have been incredibly blessed.

Thursday night Prelims were wonderful!!! The show is phenomenal this year! Great job Kenney and Aimee! All of the girls looked beautiful up on stage.
A HUGE congrats goes to:
Chelsea Betts - Prelim Talent
Kayla Martell - Prelim Evening Gown
Nicole Bosso - Prelim Swimsuit

Friday night Prelims stepped it up one more notch! I can't wait to see how tonight turns out. Every moment I spend with these young ladies I am more and more impressed. The show rocked!
Another HUGE congrats goes out to:
Miriah Hearn - Prelim Talent
Nicole Bosso - Prelim Evening Gown
Kayla Martell - Prelim Swimsuit

Someone's life is going to change forever tonight, and I cannot wait to be a part of it! Everyone has stepped up to the plate and has done a fantastic job.

I have to take a moment to thank my Miss Delaware Board for being so amazing this week as well. As I am sure many state titleholders can relate, when you are getting ready to give up your crown you sit and wonder, "What is going to happen to me now?" or you think, "Is anyone going to remember me?" Well, my board has certainly eased any worries in my mind. They have been incredibly supportive this whole week. On Thursday night, after prelims and visitation, the board presented me with a gift to show their gratitude for my year of very first IPOD! In my favorite color of green!!! I have never had one before, and I was simply beside myself when I opened the gift. Now, I thought that was above and beyond necessary, but if they didn't get through to me on Thursday, they were going to on Friday. Yesterday, after prelims and visitation, the board presented me with another gift to show that I have been a tremendous blessing and that they are going to miss the year we have had together. I modeled in a fashion show for White House Black Market (one of my FAVORITE stores) about a month ago. I loved the two dress I modeled! I didn't buy them right away though, and when I finally called a couple times to work things out to buy them I would never get a response back. I eventually gave up on trying and never had time to go to the store to pick them up. Little to my knowledge, my boyfriend, the board, and my friend Katelyn that works there were all conspiring against me. Go figure why she never returned my messages...the board had already bought both dresses and the jewelry to match!! I cannot thank all of you enough for the gifts. I will end my year knowing that I am loved.

It has been an emotional week, but I know that any of these girls deserves to experience the year that I have gone through. It is an amazing journey towards a rewarding future. Good Luck to all of the contestants!

I especially want to thank my family for being so outstanding this year and making sure that it is a year I will always remember. I love you guys!!

Till next time...

Your Miss Delaware 2009,

Heather Renee Lehman

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