Sunday, October 4, 2009

Saturday of Race Weekend

Saturday of race weekend was a busy day. I started off going to the Dover Mall and signing autographs during their VIP Days. If you missed it, you missed some amazing deals! The store manager, Mr. Mares, and the manager, Mike, were incredibly helpful and accommodating. I started off in front of their shoe department and then part way through switched scenes and sat near the cosmetics department. I met several race fans and even a few employees of Boscov's. It was really nice to have my first official autograph signing at the Dover Mall Boscov's.
After that I met up with Lisa Courtney at Dover Speedway to prepare to sing the national anthem at the NASCAR race. It was my third year singing at Dover Speedway and my second year singing on Saturday....maybe next time I'll get to sing on Sunday. Each time is a wonderful experience. As I get more comfortable singing in front of such a large crowd I am able to enjoy it even more! What a great way to prepare for Miss America. I am so grateful to have the support of Dover Downs and the Dover Speedway. I was able to sit in a skybox during the race, and enjoy some amazing food! It was a bit chillier than I anticipated so I lucked out by being able to sit in an area that didn't have the wind constantly blowing.

Photos By: Dave Chambers

Thank you to everyone that watched me sing or saw me online and let me know that you heard! It is nice to see the great support I have, and that I am in your thoughts. If you managed to miss it you can listen to it on youtube:

We managed to leave just in enough time to miss the rain that day. Everyone was constantly nervous that the race would have to end early due to the rain that was quickly approaching the track, but they were able to get the entire race in and it was awesome to be there.

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