Friday, October 16, 2009

Sunday Beach Brunch

It was a gorgeous day down at the beach during the Meals on Wheels Sunday Brunch event down in Dewey at the Ruttertown. It was a silent auction and fine dining event where I ate everything from chocolate covered pretzels to home made meatballs, to pulled pork sandwiches! They had several local restaurants there giving samples of their specialties...and at the end....we were able to take a booklet home with a large portion of recipes in it for dishes we tried that day! Now I doubt any attempts on my behalf to replicate these dishes will turn out nearly as delicious as when they made them, however I will certainly be trying to make a few!

Sandy Soucek, one of our Miss Delaware board members, and I met some amazing people during our time at the brunch. The place was packed full with people all there for the same make sure as many seniors as possible do not have to go without a nicely cooked meal every week.

Brooke was our contact and the event planner. She did a wonderful job yet again! She was at my first Meals on Wheels event in Kent County (Denim and Diamonds). She is very lovely and I know she puts 110% into everything that she does. It is great to see people working so hard for a such great cause.

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