Monday, December 21, 2009

December...just the beginning

After two canceled parades, Donald and I finally got to an event that Saturday that wasn't cancelled...The Governor's Open House. Before things got started Donald and I made sure to take a few photos in front of the beautifully decorated tree.

Then it was off to work! See that gorgeous punch bowl in the bottom right corner of the photo above? That is one of the most prized possessions in the mansion! The punch bowl is one piece of a silver set comprised of over 20 pieces. The national and state seal are on it along with other symbols like the national eagle, which holds up the punch bowl to represent that Delaware's prosperity rests upon our nation's foundation. It has so much history, and I had the honor of watching over it. I served punch from another punch bowl inside the large one you see. As people walked by eating their Christmas cookies, they would stop by to marvel at the punch bowl, and to their amazement punch was inside! Even Governor Markell took a moment to refresh himself with some of the delightful punch I was serving. It was a great time and it was very nice seeing Governor Markell once again!

The last of my Delaware Christmas parades was the Rehoboth Christmas parade. It was yet again another chilly night. I proudly wore my lovely fur coat from Richard-Donald Furs and road with Donald throughout the parade. There were so many people there! What a festive group of people. Even Donald had on his winter sweater! The lights along the main street in Rehoboth are beautiful! I love seeing the decorations people put up for the holidays, and the lights are my favorite to see along the streets.

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