Saturday, December 19, 2009

Heading into the Holiday Season

On my way out of the Chocolate Festival, at Dover Downs, I looked at all of the intricately designed Christmas Trees donated to sell in support of Delaware Hospice. They were all so beautiful! I had the pleasure of singing a few holiday songs as entertainment both on Friday and Saturday of the festival. I even ran into some of the choirs that would be performing later that day. They were fantastic! Mario Rocco did yet another spectacular job hosting the event. Anyone looking for a DJ or host or a fun entertainer they should look up Mario online. There were chocolate fountains all over the event for dipping bananas, strawberries, pretzels...anything you could imagine!

I also attended the Miss Delaware USA pageant over Thanksgiving weekend. Nicole and Vicenza are former Miss Delaware USA's as well as current and former contestants for the Miss Delaware America pageant. Steffi and Kristina joined us in the fun evening, both current contestants for Miss Delaware America.

At the final night of Miss Delaware USA I ran into a few friends of mine from the Mrs. Delaware competition. It's great seeing so many pageant titleholders attending other organization's events. We really do stick together! Congrats by the way to Miss Delaware USA 2010 Julie Citro!

That following Thursday I had the Georgetown Christmas Parade. It was soooo cold that evening, and I was certainly glad I had my fur coat to keep me warm! Thanks Mark! Donald's car was yet again a huge hit. The boys sure do love his Corvette. I did have two little boys afterward come up to me to say hi. It was sooo cute. They would say hi then run off, come back two minutes later to say something else, and then come back again to tell me the other loved was an adorable moment! My mom, sister, and Donald enjoyed watching it happen.

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