Monday, December 28, 2009

Whitten's Jeweler's Holiday Event

Some of you may remember Whitten's Jeweler's by now, but for those of you that do not, they are Miss Delaware's jewelry sponsor. I received a beautiful Whimsy ring from them when I won along with three contestants that won a watch from Whitten's for the Community Service scholarship. I also attended an auto show in Wilmington to hang out at their booth one afternoon. When I received notice that I would be not only attending but modeling one of their pieces for their special holiday event, you can imagine that I was thrilled! The piece you see me wearing is gorgeous and the design is called "Ribbon". There are diamonds throughout the ribbon as well, making it worth over $1600!

Debi Wilson, my Executive Director, attended the event with me and took pictures for me. We decided to be a little artsy in this picture. I am looking into a glass case full of beautiful gold jewelry that was specially marked for the holidays...if you weren't there you missed out!

While their mom's were visiting the store I caught up with these lovely ladies to see if they were excited for Christmas.

The big excitement of the evening was the drawing that took place. For months people that spent $50 were entered into a drawing, and every $50 dollars spent meant another chance in the drawing. It was for a stunning gold bracelet worth over $2000! The suspense was killing people as we picked a few names before hand to receive gift certificates, then once the final moment came the person that was called wasn't there!!!! So we pulled another name.....and they weren't there!!! (You had to be present to win.) Finally Cindy pulled another name and sure enough the woman called was there! She was shaking with excitement. This would make her 10th trollbead bracelet! Talk about a deserving person.

It was great being there to greet people as they shopped for the holidays and to witness the excitement of the drawing!

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